When to use:
Massage into scalp and down the strands of clean hair. Let it soak into the scalp and hair by leaving it on for at least 20 min. (or overnight for deeper saturation). Wash hair normally

Apply this hair oil before bed time and leave it overnight for maximum benefit.

How it works:
The hydrating and nourishing hair oil penetrates into the deeper layers of the scalp, providing overall nourishment to the scalp, leaving the hair stronger, thicker, nourished and healthy.

Who is it for:
Who doesn't need a champ every now and then that not only releases stress, but also nourishes the hair right from roots to tips? If you too are looking for a soothing massage and some gentle hair nourishment, then this hair oil is your best friend!

What to expect:
A delicate and light oil with a sweet, spicy scent of Avocado oil, accentuated with the freshness of Tea Tree and Peppermint