Hair oils: a magical portion for the hair!


Certainly, many of us still swear by our grandma’s special weekend ‘champi’ or the more famously known ‘maalish,’ many of us have forgotten the goodness of oiling hair regularly. While many of you may not know, but regularly using hair oils is super beneficial in the long run. From covering your hair from becoming grey unanimously, to fighting fungal and dandruff, regular use of hair oils has many benefits. Your hair suffers from styling and a lot of exposure to harsh chemicals. You need to carefully nourish your hair from the roots to the tips to counteract this damaging effect. And nothing can treat your mane as gently and kindly as Satliva's Hemp with Avocado Hair Oil when it comes to hair maintenance.

Most other oils are heavier than avocado hair oil. As a result, you can use avocado oil on your scalp and all over your hair without being concerned about buildup, weighing your hair down, or clogging your pores. This also makes avocado oil a fantastic choice for people with hair that is medium to low in porosity and medium to low in density, while still being a fantastic choice for hair that is high in porosity or high in density.

Fights premature greying of hair! It is believed that regular usage of hair oil prevents premature and greying of hair. Not only that, regular usage of hair oil also keeps your hair, strong and healthy.

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