Back in 2011, when a young boy was facing the issues of dry skin and wrinkles, his father experimented with various recommended products, but all in vain. However, when the father applied hemp seed oil directly on his son's skin, the results left the family beyond ecstatic! That is what lead to the inception of Namrata Hemp Company (NHEMPCO), the brainchild of the father, Harshaavardhan Redi Sirupa, and his wife, Namrata Reddy Sirupa. Both, with their foundations in Engineering, earned their postgraduate degrees in the United States. Harshaavardhan, in MBA, specialising in Global Business Strategy at the Dowling College, New York; and Namrata in Master of Science (MS), Computer engineering from the San Jose State University, California. Namrata has even worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer, at NASA for a couple of years. After years of research, NHCO was established in 2016, with a vision to contribute to the creation of an Organic, Natural, Non-Polluting, and Safe, HEMP ECOSYSTEM. The HEMP plant, an industrial cousin of Cannabis, is frequently identified with its controversial cousin, Marijuana, which has high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol and is used in a multitude of medical treatments, as well as for recreational reasons. Industrial Hemp, on the other hand, contains very low amounts of THC and is used as fiber in clothing, oils in cosmetics products, and even in construction materials. 


The most nutritious oil on the planet!!!

So now, you must be wondering, why hemp? Rich in fatty acids, hemp seeds contain Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 in abundance. These fatty acids are crucial for all systems to make sure that the body, including our hair, skin, circulatory system, brain, and organs, function normally, thereby ensuring the well-being of the entire body. These fatty acids also have very strong preventive and curative qualities. Omega 3 nourishes hair from the roots, helps in re-growth, increases the strength and thickness of the hair, improves elasticity, and nourishes a dry scalp. Omega 6 stimulates hair growth and controls water loss in hair which leads to dryness and frizziness. Omega 9 makes hair softer and manageable and improves immune function. It is important to maintain a balance of these Omegas, in order to benefit from them for your hair, skin, and body. Omega 6 and Omega 3 also play a critical role in normal skin function and appearance. They are considered essential nutrients for the skin. Omega 6 plays the important role of the protector of the skin, in reducing harsh UV-induced damage, signs of skin ageing, and inflammation.  Equipped with years of research and knowledge on hemp and its benefits, Namrata Hemp Company, in its humble endeavor to initiate the process, introduced, SATLIVA – Nature Nurtures, a unique range of luxury wellness products, to offer the natural preventive and curative benefits of the amazing Industrial Hemp Seed oil. With seeds sourced from government-approved vendors of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Madhya Pradesh, where the hemp is grown in natural surroundings, nurtured with the purity of spring water and the rich soil of the mountains, the hemp seed oil is combined carefully with selected cold-pressed oils and butters, and with steam distilled essential oils, to hydrate and moisturise the skin, giving it a naturally smooth texture. To preserve and derive maximum benefits from the natural ingredients, SATLIVA – Nature Nurtures, limited range of luxury wellness and cosmetic products, are manufactured only on order. Only once an order is placed, is the hemp seed oil extracted, activated with certain proprietary process, and then mixed with other oils and butters, in accordance with the closely guarded unique methodology of SATLIVA products. SATLIVA products are beneficial to most skin sensitivities and with the years of research, we have developed our products to be customised to your preferences and requirements

The Indian Himalayan Hemp Seed oil, with its superior natural goodness, is gentle on the skin, provides the ideal Omega and Amino acids to enhance skin cells resistance to infection, rashes, minor cuts and bruises, at the same time soothing the skin, helping to make it soft and supple. We at SATLIVA – Nature Nurtures , have developed an exclusive and very limited range of products provide and cater to a spectrum of afflictions for the body, face and hair. For example our body creams are not only an ideal care for dry skin, sun rashes, skin allergies, minor cuts, bruises and burns, but also is great to be used as hand and foot cream.


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