People are gravitating to vegan and 100 percent organic products now more than ever before, as consumer knowledge grows. Satliva has introduced a wide range of hemp seed goods, including snackables and hemp seed oil infused snacks. We have prepared a list of products that you must try this season. Hemp seed oil helps both skin and body. Let’s dive right in!

Hemp seed oil for skin and healthy hair

A wholesome snack?: BERRY HEMP TRAIL MIX

Satliva's motto is "whole well-being." It covers not just cosmetics but also snackable foods such as trail mix. This berry trail mix is high in antioxidants and hemp seed oil’s goodness. It is high in plant-based protein and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. This is an evolutionary snack that provides both nutrients and flavor. This product is extremely pocket friendly unlike most superfoods  available in india.

Trail mix enriched with goodness of hemp seed oil

Want a multiplayer oil? 100% hemp seed oil 

It may be used as a salad dressing or to make dip sauce. Hemp seed oil has been shown to be useful in the treatment of joint pain and high blood pressure. This product has an advantage over other oils on the market since it is more healthful and focuses on holistic growth and strength. The omega fatty acids and high concentration of antioxidants which enrich your hemoglobin and cure ailments like arthritis pain. 

Find your hemp seed oil at satliva

A good hair massage? Argan &  Hemp seed oil for hair

Using this hair oil, you may get rid of your dry, flaky scalp in a flash. This hair hempseed oil will revive your hair and scalp. It will restore the lustre to your hair.Unlike most chemically manufactured formulations, Satliva offers organically produced solutions not only for the hair, but also for the skin and body. They prepare their items and strive to provide the highest quality to their customers. 

Hemp seed oil with argan oil seems like a perfect solution for your hair problems

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