While avocados have made it to our breakfast recipes in no time due to their specific benefits for our bodies, there is still something that you might have missed out on when it comes to avocados. I am talking about avocado oil for a hair care regime.

Many ingredients come and go in the skincare industry, but avocado oil for hair is not based on a marketing claim but purely backed by vast clinical trials. Here is why you need avocado oil for  hair-

Sick of dandruff ruining your favorite black t-shirt?

The hydrating and nourishing avocado oil seeps into the deeper layers of the scalp, providing overall nourishment to the scalp, leaving the hair stronger, thicker, and healthier than ever.

Avocado oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which some believe can help replenish your hair. Avocado oil for hair could just be the pick up they need.

Use avocado oil to prevent dry scalp

Tired of looking for an affordable and hassle-free hair care product?

Although the consumers and hair care specialists are growing to realize the benefit of avocado oil for hair, there are only a limited number of Indian brands which actually have avocado oil in their hair care products. Satliva’s avocado hair oil being one of those. Though this is not technically a hair care benefit, avocado oil is highly affordable and easy to incorporate into your day to day care regime.

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Want to strengthen and smoothen your hair?

It not only promotes hair growth without making the scalp extremely greasy and clogging pores. Avocado oil for hair care could be incorporated in various ways. It could be mixed with your hair mask to make it extra nourishing or directly massaging it on the scalp. Avocado oil for hair stimulates hair cells to prevent hair breakage. Sativa's avocado oil is infused with hemp seed oil which enhances it’s strengthening properties.

Want a hair transformation? Go get the avocado oil for hair

If you’re looking for a product to spice up your self care regime , avocado oil for hair care is the way to go!

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