Treat your hair with Satliva’s avocado hair oil!


Are you facing issues with your hair? Frizzy? Dry? Or, simply not good enough? Do you want to let go of these problems once and for all? Well, we’ve got you covered. At affordable and convenient rates, at Satliva, you can get access to a variety of hair oils that would smoothen your hair like nothing else! Especially, Satliva’s crowd favorite avocado hair oil. 

Avocados are highly nutritious and vitamin dense when they are still green, which is what is used in Satliva’s avocado hair oil. Vitamins B and C are only found in fresh avocado because they are water-soluble and are lost during the extraction process. However, all the other vitamins and nutrients are still present when you use cold-pressed virgin avocado hair oil. This avocado hair oil exudes luxury and beauty; Additionally, it repairs your hair from deep within; This is because, the dermis, the second layer of skin, is easily penetrated by avocado hair oil, giving the scalp a thorough moisturizing therapy. With vegan products, thick and long hair is all imaginable and ready for you! In Satliva's shampoo bars, hair creams, and hair oils, natural extracts like green tea, avocado hair oil, and banana assist in removing impurities and cleansing the scalp, resulting in thicker, longer, and stronger hair.

So why are you still waiting? Allow your locks to breathe freely while taking care of your hair with our premium line of avocado hair oil. At Satliva there is a wide range of hair-care products waiting for you and your hair!

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