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How do you decide which hair cream to purchase for yourself? Does a brand's ad help you make the decision, is it the reviews you read online, or do you go by the ingredients list? Yes, it is a good idea to inculcate the habit of reading labels of hair cream and other hair care products. At least, it is safer than blindly going by ads or reviews.

But, why are we saying this? Because, most commercial hair creams are formulated with a large chunk of harmful chemicals! And no, their toxicity levels are not just limited to hair health. It means they can cause life-threatening dangers!

To identify such harmful ingredients in your products, Satliva, an all natural brand has introduced its zero chemical hair care range. Scroll down for the complete tip list.

Tip one

Choose a sulfate free hair cream formula with mild surfactants. You could look for humectants like coconut oil to counter any roughness, quaternium salts to condition hair and silicon oils for shine and luster.

Tip two

Look for oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and palm oil in your hair cream that help nourish your hair. Hydrolyzed keratin is an ingredient that you can opt for in your conditioner that repairs damaged hair.

Tip three 

Butters like mango butter and shea butter form a protective layer around the cuticle of your hair. Vitamin E, argan oil and vitamin B5 are also great conditioning ingredients that not only nourish your hair, but make the hair fall flat.

Tip four 

Make sure you buy from brands that disclose their full list of ingredients on the labels or website. Sometimes, even plant derived ingredients may cause allergies in some people. Watch out for potential irritants whenever you are buying hair cream.

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