An Ultimate Hair Care Guide For Smooth & Lustrous Hair

The foundation of taking care of your hair and scalp is washing, drying, and styling. But your hair needs way beyond just washing your hair a couple of times in a week. If you often happen to notice that your hair quality is getting worse, now is your time to start giving attention to your hair.  Before you go ahead and buy yourself tons of unnecessary hair care products, this hair care guide below will narrow the best path for you. 

Your journey for smooth and lustrous hair has already started!

Why does my hair feel dry and dull?

One of the main reasons why your hair seems and feels dry is due to not retaining enough moisture. The reduced sheen makes your hair appear dull and frizzy. The lack of moisture ultimately causes dandruff and makes your scalp itchy. 

Additionally, the climate also affects your hair intensively, especially the hot and dry climate. Spending a lot of time outdoors, in the wind or sun makes it even worse. Not only this but there are a few everyday-hair practices that also contribute to dull hair. 

Some of the most common ones are listed below for you:

  • Washing hair more than twice a week.
  • Using harsh chemical hair care products
  • Chemically treating your hair (like color dying)
  • Using heat products on your hair recklessly.

What can I do to undo this mistake and get smooth and lustrous hair?

There is a huge possibility that you can easily treat your dull and dry hair through simple lifestyle changes in your daily life. Just using the right product in the right way will get the job done for you.

For a start, you can consider changing some of your hair care practices. Here are some of them you can start with:

  • Avoid washing your hair daily.
  • Start using organic and natural hair products.
  • Use hair creams, and masks.
  • Avoid getting chemical treatment for your hair.
  • Start oiling your scalp before each wash.
  • Let your hair air-dry.
  • Avoid using curling and flat irons on your hair. 

To make it much easier for you, we have listed the best hair-care products from Satliva that can bring drastic changes in your hair conditions:

  • Satliva Hemp with Avocado Hair Oil
  • As mentioned in the above segments, oiling your hair is one of the easiest tricks that will provide your hair with the nourishment it needs. That being said, hemp seed oil is a solution to all of your hair problems. The goodness of hemp seed oil prevents the penetration of particular substances into hair follicles. It simply makes your hair stronger and prevents breakage. 

    As far as avocado oil is concerned, it is no surprise that it is the jack of all trades as well. It repairs, moisturizes, and strengthens your hair from the root to the ends. Not only this but it helps seal cuticle cells that prevent your hair from breaking. 

    Therefore, to provide you with the best of both worlds, Satliva Hemp With Avocado hair oil is gauged with plenty of essential oils that will leave your hair lustrous with just one application. It stimulates new growth and healthier hair by moisturizing your scalp. 

    Moreover, Satliva Hemp with Avocado Oil is cold-pressed and made freshly on order. Now is the time to ditch all of your chemical-based oil products and adapt to a better and natural blend of oils.

  • Satliva Argan Rosemary Hair Cream
  • Hair treatment cream is an instant solution to treat your damaged, rough and dry hair. It adds a natural shine to your hair. Not only does it smoothen the tamed hair but it ensures to hold them well enough so they don’t fall as well. 

    Ideally, you must look for natural options when you are hair cream or other hair products because the harsh chemically-treated products will do no good to your hair but make them weaker eventually. 

    Hence, Satliva Rosemary Hair Cream is the ideal one for you. The goodness of rosemary helps in increasing the growth of new hair and stimulating scalp circulation. Plus the argan oil restores damaged, chemically treated, and dry hair and makes your hair smooth effortlessly. If you are looking for a natural option for your hair, you go with the hemp oil-based hair cream that leaves your hair lustrous and strong.

  • Satliva Hemp With Argan And Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar
  • The first step to achieving luscious hair is a healthy and clean scalp. Most sulfate and paraben featured shampoos do clean our hair but it squeezes out the moisture and nourishment from your hair and makes them dull. So, healthy hair is out of the question. If you are looking for a natural option for cleaning your hair, a shampoo bar made with activated charcoal, hemp seed oil, and other essential oils is at your service. 

    Satliva offers you a wide range of organic hair care products that are enhanced by natural and essential oils. The activated charcoal deep cleans your hair, soaks up extra oil from your scalp, and leaves it with a natural scent of peppermint and other oils. 

    To sum it all up, it is safe to say that organic and natural products are way better for your hair and they keep your hair healthy in every given weather. There are tons of hemp seed oil-based products available at Satliva that are cold-pressed and freshly made on order. 

    It is hoped that this little hair care guide helped you to find the best practices and products for your hair. Check out more such products at Satliva and replace your old chemically treated hair products with organic ones.