Natural Ways to Hydrate Skin

Skin hydration is arguably the most important aspect of any skincare routine. Why? Because hydrated skin is responsible for that natural glow in your skin, long-term skin health, and it even helps diminish signs of aging. But most commercially sold skin hydration products contain several chemicals, which paradoxically dehydrate your skin. Keeping this seemingly inescapable dilemma in mind, we’ve come up with a few tips to naturally hydrate your skin. We’ve also included a few 100% natural products that will help you retain that moisture, that glow, and that radiance. Let’s get right to it!

Drink plenty of water

Number 1 on this blog has to be to drink enough water. Our bodies comprise 60% water, this water must be constantly replenished in order to ensure a perpetual state of hydration. Water keeps the blood flowing, hydrates the skin, improves the appearance of your skin, and even helps curb several signs of aging. So, remind yourself to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. A great natural product to aid skin hydration and moisture retention is the Mango Rosemary Face Cream. It goes a step further to moderate oil production and diminish wrinkles and acne scars too. 

Take shorter showers

A long hot shower is a common habit for most people. This habit, though relaxing, is deleterious to your skin. It further dries out already dry and dehydrated skin, resulting in itchiness, flakiness, and discomfort. 

Reducing the amount of time spent in the shower and opting for a warm shower instead of hot one can go a long way with regards to natural skin hydration. Incorporating Hemp Seed Oil in your daily skincare routine can improve skin hydration and moisture retention as well. Hemp seed oil is known to moderate oil production, deeply hydrate skin, lock in moisture, slow down the aging process, and even aid skin cell repair and regeneration. Our Hemp with Shea Butter Body Soap Bar can enhance your shower experience with all these benefits, making it salubrious and truly nourishing.

Participate in a full body oil massage

Oils have been used in India for millennia. Ayurveda swears by its benefits, and countless natural medical processes make use of oils to assuage maladies of all sorts. A full body oil massage once a week can boost skin hydration while infusing your skin with essential nutrients that assist overall skin health. A thorough massage by itself can improve blood circulation, which inevitably improves hydration in the outer layers of skin; paired with a healthful oil, this massage can be seen as an end-to-end skincare routine by itself. At Satliva, our preferred oil for any massage is the Hemp with Jojoba Body Oil. It gives you access to a whole lot of benefits, without clogging the pores and feeling sticky and uncomfortable on the skin.