A Sustainable Face Wash For Dry Skin

A range of face washes, facial soaps, and other facial products are a staple in most households these days. Face washes are doubtlessly an integral part of an effective skin care routine, but the lion's share of face washes tend to damage your skin, not clear or heal it. Chemical-based face washes or facial soaps leave your skin feeling dry, by robbing it of essential natural oils that maintain and regulate the intricate microbiome of your skin, which is responsible for its health and appearance. Read on to learn more about how face washes further dry out and damage skin, and why natural, organic, and sustainable face washes or soaps are the answer to your dry skin problems.

Avoid liquid chemical-based face washes

Liquid chemical-based face washes are absolutely terrible for your skin. Not only do they strip your skin of essential oils and nutrients, they go a step further by damaging and drying your skin. This leads to flaky skin, inflammation, and infections such as eczema and psoriasis. A superior alternative to a liquid chemical-based face wash is an all-natural, salubrious soap bar. Skin is the largest organ of the body, and like any other organ, it depends on adequate nutrition to look and feel its best. Our range of Soap Bars at Satliva are perfect for dry skin and infuse the skin with the nutrition it demands. Our very own Hemp with Shea Butter Soap Bar is packed with essential oils that work wonders on sensitive and dry skin. Additionally; the Hemp with Moringa Soap bar provides adequate nutrition, controls excess oil, and deals with Acne in addition to curing dry skin.

DIY sustainable face washes 

Many individuals prefer to create their skin care products at home, this is a giant step towards long-term sustainability and reducing one's carbon footprint on the planet. However; many natural ingredients used in homemade skin care products can also dry out your skin. It is vital to understand what works for your skin and what goes against it. 

Adding some Hemp with Moringa Face & Body Oil into your homemade concoctions and traditional recipes can go a long way when it comes to hydrating skin, and keeping the moisture locked in, ultimately protecting you from the dreaded issue of dry skin. Another simple thing you can do to escape dry skin, is applying a smidgen of Hemp with Jojoba Oil onto your face, it prevents clogged pores, moisturises skin, and soothes inflamed and irritated skin. 

Washing off homemade masks, scrubs, or oils using the Hemp with Shea Butter & Activated Charcoal soap bar enhances the effects of any facial remedies.