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    Satliva – The Drug Your Skin Will Cherish Forever!

    Satliva – The Drug Your Skin Will Cherish Forever!

    Hemp! A close cousin of Marijuana! High Already?

    Well, so am I, on this 100% Organic, Chemical and Paraben free skin and hair care brand – SATLIVA!!!

    About 10 days back, I had the good fortune of visiting an Organic Brands Manufacturing Unit that dealt primarily with Hemp Seeds, Satliva! It was a meet-up like none other where we got to make our own soap from scratch using oils extracted from this super seed called Hemp along with other essential oils. Harshaa and Namrata, the co-founders, also made us aware of the Hemp seeds nutritional values like its high content of Omega 3 Fatty acids, Vitamin A and E along with its high antioxidant qualities. All this made it a great cleanser and moisturiser along with an effective anti ageing stimulant. We found out that it adds Vitamin D to skin, lack of which could cause Skin Cancer.

    Now there are established brands like Bodyshop that are already selling Hemp based products, then one would ask why should we go for this new brand. Well, you should, because Satliva uses the purest form of Hemp Oil extracted from Organic seeds procured all the way from the hills of Northern India. They use ZERO chemicals and are 100% Paraben free, non-toxic and will give you results you can see from the very first use.

    I personally tried 8 of their products and here’s a quick review on what I felt about them.

    1. Hemp with Shea Butter Infused with Activate charcoal Body Soap – I have very sensitive skin, even eating meat gives me heat rashes, touch prawns and my face swells up, kissing my husband’s bearded face leaves me with rashes. So it’s practically impossible to find something that suits my skin and the only thing I use is Cetaphil soap/wash and natural ingredients like tomato seeds, honey, yoghurt etc. Very reluctantly I tried this soap and I loved it; it has a cooling effect on the skin because of the peppermint oil and healed my heat rashes (if you follow my Instagram stories you must have seen how bad it was) in 3 days and this time around they did not even leave any marks. I also had a few pimples on my right cheek and they are drying up too. This soap leaves you refreshed and no body odour for at least next 24 hours. I even use it on my 6-year-old.
    2. Mango Fresh Face Butter – This non-oil, non-greasy day cream is my fav of the entire range. Mango seed butter is known to be very good for dry skin and delicate areas like the under eyes. However, this Satliva formula even suits my Oily face and combined with their soap, has reduced my acnes by almost 90%. It unclogs the pores and hence very effective for acne prone skin.
    3. Hemp with Moringa Face and Body Oils – I opted for the Moringa Oil with Hemp because apparently, Moringa Oil opens up the pores, hence it is advisable to use only at night post a shower so that the skin can breathe while you sleep. It is also an effective anti ageing because of the high antioxidant contents. I have been using it for the past 3 nights and loving the results already.
    4. Cocoa Bliss Body Butter – My husband has extremely dry skin, especially around the area that is covered by his socks. It’s worse that the chapped cheeks of those cute Buddhist boys running around in the cold streets during the winters and we have tried everything from Bath and Body Works to Sephora body butter to Glycerin. While the most effective was Glycerin, it had its own disadvantages like its super sticky nature and the effects lasting for only a day. However, with this cocoa body butter, it’s been an amazing experience. The skin has become so supple and soft after just 3 days of using it that even when I asked him not to apply it for a day so I could get some pictures of the original skin condition, it didn’t help. The skin was already way better than what it was earlier. Below are a few pictures of after 3 days application where you can see the lines where it was dry and rough and a picture of today, day 6 of application.
    5. Hemp with Argan Hair Oil and Shampoo Bar – While my hair felt dry and rough after the first wash with the shampoo bar and I had a word with Harshaa about it, he assured me that it should become smoother eventually and suggested I use it with after oiling my hair with the hair oil. I was reluctant and went back to my Patanjali Milk Protein shampoo. However, over the weekend determined to test it again, I oiled my hair and later washed it with the shampoo bar. This time the hair felt much better and smoother and the best part, my scalp was cleared of persistent dandruff. I have tried everything to clean my scalp right from home remedies like Listerine to Apple Cider Vinegar to shampoos from all around the world to professional salon services but to no use. But this one wash seems to have cleaned my scalp. It’s been a little over 24 hours now and while I see a few flakes coming back, I am hopeful that regular use will clear it permanently.
    6. Hair Cream – I do not like it as much as it leaves a greasy feeling to the hair, maybe it will act as a great styling gel but I haven’t tried it as one yet. My husband, however, loves it and wears it to office everyday.
    7. Lip Balm – Yet another great product and doesn’t provide just superficial coverage like some other brands like Nivea and Forest Essentials but actually makes me soft and supple. I apply it overnight to wake up to soft lips in the mornings.

    And no the brand doesn’t stop with just this! You are in for a real treat with the amazing packaging that these magical bars and oils come in. You can feel the love and care that goes into each piece as soon as you lay your eyes on them. They have the best packaging any Organic product has even seen, yet it leaves behind no Carbon Footprint. These made-to-order products with a shelf life of no more than 3 to 6 months come in the most beautiful paper made boxes ever, which also makes them a great gifting choice. So what are you waiting for, check them out now –



    *Originally published by Rupjyoti on her personal blog.


    Hemplification - For the Body and the Soul

    Hemplification - For the Body and the Soul

    Wouldn’t you just love to head on to the spa after a long week at work? That feeling of freshness and rejuvenation! Sadly, most of us hardly get the time to, and let’s be honest it could become a very expensive routine. But are we just going to let a jam-packed schedule keep us away from that feeling of relaxation? Attempting to sweep you off your feet, Satliva’s bath and body care hemp line promises you a spa experience at home, every day! Pampering you every step of the way.

    Satliva as a brand that translates luxury. A luxury brand of hemp based bath and body-care products, made with exquisite natural hemp ingredients and essential oils giving your skin that everyday experience it deserves. Our products strike the perfect balance of nutrients that nourish the hair and skin, giving it life from within. These products are carefully created using naturally derived, high performance ingredients to give you the best results.

    Your daily dose of ‘Hemplification’

    By popular demand, natural ingredient products have become the most sought after products in the market these days. Have you noticed how most shampoos and conditioners almost always contain surfactants and other chemicals leaving your hair feeling dry, brittle and lacking luster? While these products strip your hair of its natural proteins, Satliva’s shampoo bars do just the opposite! It’s key ingredient, the hemp seed oil helps improve hair texture and shine providing your hair with the nutrient rich food it needs.

    Who says that a spa is the only place you can detox? Satliva’s body soaps are designed to sooth your soul! These soap bars can do for you what a spa can, and work like a charm. Its revitalizing abilities combined with shea butter and hemp seed oil make sure these soaps are packed with nutrition to keep your skin nourished all day. They not only protect your skin from harsh climatic conditions, but also gently exfoliate, imparting a smooth after-feel on the skin. With a shelf life of 120 days, these soaps have to be the latest addition to your home-spa ritual.

    What better way to finish off this ritual than moisturizing! Our exciting line of rich and creamy body butters provides your skin with the nourishment it needs to look and feel healthy. The light hemp seed oil used in these products penetrates the skin without leaving it greasy and oily on the surface; a feature that truly makes a difference during the scorching summer months. From retaining moisture in the skin to protecting it from harmful rays, these body butters are the way to go; turning dry and flaky skin to fresh and radiant skin in no time.

    At Satliva, we believe in tangible results. Results you can see, feel, and experience. We believe in the power of hemp and in turn the power of nature, with the promise that our products are safe, non-toxic and highly effective, leaving no carbon footprint. 


    Why Satliva Is The Answer To Your Beauty Brand Dilemma!

    Why Satliva Is The Answer To Your Beauty Brand Dilemma!

    We all know how challenging picking out the perfect beauty brand is. With the abundance of beauty products out there in the market we always seem to be left in a constant dilemma. So many products to choose from! New discoveries making it so much harder; “Should I go organic?”, “Should I try something new?” The answer to what seems to be an eternal dilemma - SATLIVA. Satliva is a company crafted exclusively to offer our customers the world’s richest source of nutrients for their skin. Derived solely from Cannabis Sativa or the hemp plant, Satliva creates its products from the revolutionary hemp seed oil. With its wealthy benefits, the hemp seed oil has become a leading contender in the beauty world today. Our ‘hemplified’ products are not just a part of any ordinary beauty routine; they are a way of life.

    Here’s why we at Satliva believe we can make a difference.

    Those magical seeds

    Considered to be a miracle plant, the hemp seed oil’s nutrient rich chemical composition makes it the perfect choice ingredient for hair and skin care products.  It is clinically proven that the hemp seed oil contains 50% - 60% Linoleic Acid and its metabolite Gamma-Linolenic Acid that have therapeutic effects on the skin. All 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids are present in this little seed. The DNA of hemp is almost identical to that of humans penetrating the layers of skin a lot faster than other ingredients, allowing you to truly feel its magical powers. Additionally, hemp also contains plenty of iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and Vitamin D. The hemp seed oil used at Satliva is sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, delivering the very best of its kind.

    The catalyst that makes the difference

    Glycerine is an essential natural oil produced by our skin giving us that youthful healthy glow. However, to increase the shelf life of a soap bar, most brands tend to remove this natural oil from the soaps chemical composition, making your average soap bar contain up to 12 chemicals. These chemicals enter your bloodstream directly and can increase the chances of or further agitate rashes and allergies. Unlike these soaps, Satliva’s hemp infused natural soaps and oils are enriched with glycerine, preserving the right moisture balance, dramatically decreasing skin dryness. Satliva’s strict ‘no-chemicals’ policy helps improve skin composition using only natural ingredients, enriching your skin with vital Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

    Our ‘Just in time’ Production Policy

    ‘Freshness’, an echo sounded by our team at Satliva that our customers never fail to hear time and again. While we observe a coherent need to produce in large quantities, we at Satliva work night and day to bring you the freshest batch produced. On an average, it takes us up to 7 days to complete the entire process of making a bar of soap or bottling a small jar of hair oil. Our entire factory comprises a four member team, two of whom are directors themselves. Hence, we prefer a’ just in time’ production policy. Based on current orders and analysis of future market forecasts, we estimate an average amount to be produced on a daily basis. You can be sure that every time you order any of our hemplified products, you are guaranteed the freshest batch yet!

    Satliva goes beyond any other beauty ritual. We are a revelation. We are a force. We are Satliva.