SATLIVA – Nature Nurtures , have developed an Exclusive and very Limited range of products, for hair, face and body. The limited range of products provide and cater to a spectrum of afflictions, for example Our Body Creams are not only an ideal care for dry skin, sun rashes, skin allergies, minor cuts, bruises and burns, but also is great to be used as hand and foot cream.
The human body processes its toxins and the regeneration of cells is faster when the body is at rest, especially at night, when it needs EFAs (Omega 3,6 and 9), Amino acids and minerals. Hemp Oil products, deliver the maximum benefits of its qualities for use prior to bedtime, especially since they are not greasy, non-comedogenic and are naturally absorbed deep into the skin cells.
We are currently also researching and developing, mouthwash, hemp oil based tooth pastes, non-foaming oil shaving cream, and a few products suitable for young children.