No matter what season or time of the year it is, our scalp and hair ends can become patchy and dry as regular shampoos and conditioners aren't enough.

If you feel that your hair needs to be pampered a little more than usual. A Hair cream is your go-to.

So, Whether you're looking for a post-wash serum or a pre-wash hair mask, A hair cream is your best friend. Picking up the right hair cream could be a little tricky as it comes in different variants of different compositions.

Here’s a guide to which hair cream might be the one for you-

Dry, damaged & chemically treated hair? 

Look no further, satliva argan rosemary hair cream is your savior. 

Argan rosemary hair cream from Satliva

This organic hair cream has the goodness of argan and hemp seed oil which not only hydrates  your scalp but also protects your hair from pollution and dandruff. Unlike most harmful chemical compositions, this hair cream is all natural and caters to all the needs of your hair.

Hair Fall & dandruff?

It’s safe to say that satliva argan peppermint hair cream is a must have for you!

Argan peppermint hair cream from Satliva

This hair cream is like a big bowl of greens for the hair. It is packed with the antimicrobial properties of peppermint and the soothing properties of argan oil. Thanks to the presence of  hydrating and strengthening hemp seed oil, you can now say goodbye to an extensive and  hectic hair care routine.

Greasy scalp & frizzy hair?

Then satliva cannmelon hair cream is the ideal match for your hair!

The cannmelon hair cream from satliva

Satliva's Cannmelon Rejuvenating Hair Cream ensures that your hair receives the care of 100% organic ingredients. It is not only enriched with watermelon seed oil which controls excessive oil production in the scalp but also provides the goodness of hemp seed oil. This hair cream's bewitching effect restores and rejuvenates your hair from the roots, making your hair grow faster, thicker and stronger than ever.

So, what do you have to lose? Get your organic hair cream today and let the hair cream do the work of taming your tresses for you!

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