Has dry, itchy scalp shaken your trust from all the chemically based products? Now, you do not need to give up. Just not yet. A nourishing hair cream might prove to be the product that shoos all your worries away.

Despite the fact that a hair cream sounds familiar, chances are you know as little about it as someone who has never heard of it. 

This should be a staple in your hair care regime, but hold on. Take a step back and know it’s pros before stocking up on these.

All natural hair cream from Satliva

Doesn’t let your hair die of dryness!

All natural hair cream with a high concentration of  cold-pressed oils like argan, rosemary and hemp seed oil will rescue your dry hair like none other. From reducing splits to promoting hair  growth, a hair cream will prove to be an essential in your hair care regime.

Dry and damaged hair which could be only be saved by a hair cream

A multi-talented player!

Isn’t a short but wholesome hair care routine all we dream about to give our hair the boost they deserve? A nice hair cream can be used as a hair mask or as a post-wash serum. It’s multiple uses makes it both inexpensive and hassle free in today's fast-paced world.

Hair care products which can be substituted by one hair cream

Doesn’t let pollution wreck your hair!

The antimicrobial and antioxidant properties combined create a shield against infections that might affect your scalp. The soothing sensation calms down dry and itchy scalp conditions. A freshly whipped hair cream could be just what you need to replenish your scalp.

If your daily travels look like that, go buy a hair cream right now!

Soothes your scalp!

Beeswax present in 100% organic hair cream prevents water loss by creating a barrier. The barrier does not allow essential moisture to escape your scalp. Summing up, the ingredients provide a hydrated and healthy 


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So, what are you waiting for? Go shower your hair with some love!

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