Watermelon seed oil skin benefits

Watermelon seed oil is indigenous to southern Africa (Kalahari desert area). It was then sent to various areas of Asia, Europe, and North America. It has been used for its therapeutic benefits for over 5000 years and is generally known in Africa as Ootanga or Kalahari seed oil. After the watermelon seeds have been dried, the watermelon seed oil  is extracted using a cold press. It is pale golden in color and has a somewhat nutty aroma. It is commonly accessible in refined form, which can occasionally be odorless. 

Watermelon seed oil skin benefits 

Watermelon seed oil skin benefits are innumerable. The first benefit being that it's a moisturizer for all skin types. Watermelon seed oil skin benefits are beyond being suitable to oneskin type. It is one of the most versatile moisturizing oils on the market. Its properties are such that they meet the needs of all skin types.

Dry skin: The fatty acid composition of watermelon seed oil makes it a super-emollient for dry skin. Its capacity to trap moisture within deep levels of the dermis helps repair the moisture/lipid barrier of anyone suffering from dry or dehydrated skin. The watermelon seed oil's skin benefits surpass the benefits of other oils present in the market.

Oily skin: The linoleic acid present in this oil helps regulate sebum in oily skin. Its light texture makes it easy to absorb into the skin without the risk of clogging pores.

Sensitive/mature skin: Its high vitamin E and linoleic acid content make it a soothing moisturizer for skin types that often show signs of irritations. Satliva’s new range is full of watermelon seed oil, skin benefits and much more. Go grab your faves now!

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