Watermelon seed oil benefits

Watermelon seed oil skin benefits cant be counted on our hands. It has a lot of great qualities and a  lot to offer to its consumers if processed correctly. Satliva recognises the watermelon seed oil skin benefits and hair benefits. They use all these abilities of natural ingredients to improve their products and help their buyers. Some  ways in which watermelon seed oil skin benefits can be observed in given below-

Photo aging 

Photo aging is one of the main causes of premature skin aging. The watermelon seed oil skin benefits through various vitamins like it contains vitamins A and E and other phenolic compounds that give it a strong antioxidant effect. The linoleic acid found in this oil helps protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to the sun. For this reason, it can be associated with collagen-stimulating ingredients like retinol to improve the skin’s elasticity.

Even the skin tone

The watermelon seed oil skin benefits can be because of high amounts of vitamins, for example it contains traces of vitamin A and other minerals that help improve hyperpigmentation. The Vitamin E present in it helps improve blood circulation and reduces dark circles around the eyes.


With a comedogenic rating of 0-1, the watermelon seed oil is unlikely to clog pores and is suitable for all skin types. It quickly gets absorbed by the skin leaving a non-greasy feeling once applied.

How to use it?

Watermelon seed oil may be found in high concentrations in face creams and serums. Watermelon seed oil is one of the major components in many of Satliva's new skincare and haircare products, along with many other new underutilized substances.

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