Synthetic and chemical based hair products are unhealthy as compared to organic hair products because they expose not only your hair but overall health to toxins and harmful chemicals.The ulterior motive of using hair care products is to have healthy hair. And, when one knows organic hair products are best not only when it comes to hair care but also when it comes to our planet Earth, it is time to get out your old and daily routine and step into the world of organic hair products owing to the numerous advantages they offer.

Things Satliva keeps in mind while making their hair cream?

Traditional products contain heavy chemicals and synthetics ingredients like sulfates which are generally irritating and damaging for the skin and hair. Also, at times they cause certain diseases and allergies which makes them completely unsafe to use. Organic products, on the other hand, contain ingredients like proteins, vitamins, fruit extracts and essential Hair cream keeps your hair away from 

Whether you’re prone to allergies or not, switching to organic hair products is in the best interest for the health of your hair. By using organic hair creams, you’ll not only avoid the adverse side effects of harsh chemicals but also your scalp and hair will thank you later for it.

Satliva makes hair cream within 2-3 days of order to ensure it's fresh and serves its purpose.

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