After the long hot summer, the monsoon arrives. The season refreshes us, makes us feel alive, and brings relief from the scorching heat of the summer season. However, this is also the season in which your body needs some extra care and lots of hair cream treatments. Are you someone who loves to take care of your hair, but confused about whether to go organic or stay on your current products? Well, you’ll be amazed to know how the market trend and the preferences of people have changed in recent years. 

Hair care is now beyond wash, rinse and repeat because people are finally waking up.You probably take excellent care of your body and skin, but hair is often, most neglected. In short, Monsoon hair care is essential especially with hair cream. It is known that monsoon can cause hair damage as the climate is sticky due to excessive humidity. This increases the probability of dandruff, hair fall, and other problems too. In fact, your hair is in its weakest condition during this time, and so, your hair needs maximum care. 

Remember that rainwater is dirty and acidic (has a pH of about 5.6) which is very bad for your hair.

Hair cream is just what your hair needs! Satliva’s hair cream range is very different to other brands; it is not only all natural and organic but also very effective. No doubt, you spent so much money and effort to make your hair look nothing but the best. But, have you ever wondered if you’re spending your hard earned money on the right products or just spending on buying products which will harm your body in the years to come? If not, then it’s time you give it a thought.

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