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great for dry skin

I have extremely dry, sensitive skin and was looking for something extra hydrating for the winters. I use the cream mixed with some face oil and it works perfectly in keeping my skin moisturised for hours at a stretch. I've begun to swear by hemp to address dryness after using this cream and a few other products from other brands. I'd highly recommend.

Ylang Lip Balm

Mango Lavender Face Cream

Great product ; On point customer service

What more can one ask for . Namrata has been very prompt in responding and her service has been second to none ! The product is all natural and rich . Alas , the quantity - makes you want more and more :)
Ciao !

Title is appropriate

Cream is amazing.
. It moisturizes hair very well.I find more suitable before head bath.After usage makes hair very greasy. Brushing become little difficult.

Totally Recommend

Glad to use your product and overwhelmed with your response.

Best wishes


great product!

Hemp with Argan and Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar

Love the combo..perfect for hair care and couldnt be happier especially during this winter season of dryness the skin and scalp faces!


I loved the face cream..its simply superb. Mango Lavender Face Cream is really effective

Argan Peppermint Hair Cream

Watermelon Face Cream

Stops hair fall

Very effective for hair fall and dandruff issues. Keeps hair soft smooth and bouncy. Travel friendly.

Perfect remedy for dry, sensitive skin

I have a very dry and sensitive skin and Satliva's Mango Lavender Cream came across as the perfect solution.

Satliva, a blessing this winter

Very very satisfied with all Satliva products. I never used any skincare products because of the chemicals used to make them. I tried one from Satliva(lip balm). Then another(face cream). Then another(shampoo bar). And now the body butter. Very happy with the results in managing dry skin and very frizzy hair. With no apprehensions about the ingredients.

Argan Rosemary Hair Cream

I have noticed an improvement in the texture of my hair with the use of argan rosemary hair cream that too within a month. My hair has become more smooth, soft. Thanks to whole team of satliva for developing such a wonderful product.!:)

Best facecream for acne prone and sensitive combination skin

This is a great combination of skincare ingredients. I loved the composition. Id say you wouldn't want to use this face cream in summer whatever skin type you are, but in winter omg you're gonna love it. Forget your old cold creams, this Mango Rosemary is a great great combination, if you're acne prone, oily skin type, or even combinational skin type you will love this face cream. It controls oil and also hydrates your skin. It gets absorbed easily and gives a soft supple and good feeling to your face. Its such a nice cream.

Cannmelon Hair Cream

good product for sure

Mango Lavender Face Cream

Good product

Hair feels healthy and shiny

Good product

Good for winters and not too oily

Argan Peppermint Hair Cream

Mango Rosemary Face Cream


Love the hemp with mooring face and body oil.... thank you. it smells and feels fantastic on the skin.