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    Based on 421 reviews
    Hemp with Neroli Body Butter


    Good Prodict

    The Beard and Moochh Cream

    Good enough

    Prevents lips from chapping but there are definitely many more lip balms that perform way better, but i loved the fact that Satliva uses 100% natural ingredients only, unlike other chemical lipbalms available in the market

    Good product, great packaging but needs more work

    1. How do I evaluate if my hair quality has improved? Can't feel anything immediately.
    2. Packaging is good but the box is made of paper and a wet soap sticks to it, making the reusability a little difficult. Ideally, since the box is so cool, I would love to keep it as my soap holder (permanently) but it needs to have a workaround for the water.

    Hemp with Argan and Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar

    Hemp with Argan Hair Oil 

    Ylang Lip Balm


    Great Product, thank you Satliva:)

    Great Product


    it works

    Hemp with Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

    Love it!

    First time using a shampoo bar and I wish I'd gotten this sooner. Leaves my hair feeling super clean and soft after a wash. Doesn't require alot to lather which is also awesome.

    Great product

    Really potent, like the smell, not too oily, feels great on skin, gives good moisturizing food for the skin.

    Great product!

    Love the shampoo bar! Not only is it ecofriendly, its also great for the hair!


    It's a deftly crafted bar shampoo which cleans the hair completely. Also experienced a reduction in hair fall. But most importantly, I had switched to shampoo bars to reduce my plastic use and waste, and so I was thrilled when the bar was sent to me minimally packaged. Great for the environment. Kudos!

    Mango Rosemary Face Cream

    I have a oily acne prone skin. Been searching for a cream which would take care of acne plus hydrate my facial skin. After reading a lot of reviews about this Mango Rosemary Face cream, and how hemp seed oil (which is considered as holy grail for acne) is part of it, I decided to try this product. I like the product as it has done good to my skin. My skin is hydrated, smooth,zero acne after using this product. Yes as they say little quantity of the product does go a long way. I apply the product and finish it off by applying powder. Its a good buy.

    A great product!

    Its a must have product for dry and mature skin. Just amazing!

    You get that natural glow with this Moringa oil.

    I normally prefer hemp with avocado for my face because of the peppermint feel and how it helps plump my skin, but Moringa skin oil was a great bet for the glow. I mix Moringa oil with Sesame and coconut oil and apply for the body. I leave it on for 30 minutes before stepping in for a warm water bath. For the face, I usually use it at night after washing my face with warm water. My mornings are no longer dry 🙂


    Brings an instant glow as well as protects against dryness even in harsh winters!

    Good but

    Good soap but couldn't smell avocado at all. Smelled like peppermint.

    Hemp with Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

    Hemp with Moringa Body Soap Bar

    Alas! I found the right(Best) product for my son🎉

    My son always had dry skin and prone to get rashes often. He is intolerant to milk and soy, so I couldn’t use any baby products since almost all of it had either one of those. After multiple research I found abt Satliva. Called customer care and they helped me to choose right product for my son’s sensitive skin. I was so hesitant to use it since hemp is less known to many. But I’m so overwhelmed to see the results. His rashes recurrence had reduced and his skin started to look fresh these days.
    Thank you so much Satliva.👍🏻

    I have found it effective

    I have curly hair and its nourishment was a challenge for me. Traditional shampoo used to leave my scalp dry. Thanks to this shampoo bar that I have got rid off that problem to a greater extent.

    Great Product

    Super happy with this product