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    Based on 244 reviews
    Awesome shampoo bar


    Excellent soap

    Have loved using the soap and it truly has a completely organic and natural make, having a similar effect on the skin.

    Beautiful fragrance! Made my hair soft and manageable. I use a conditioner after every wash for better results.

    Awesome moisturizer!

    This cream is quite good. Although it feels a little heavy on humid days (i have combination skin  + stay in Chennai, which is quite humid all throughout the year)on other days it quite nice. I used it during the winter months and I found it extremely moisturizing. Also, it has a nice mild smell. Since my skin can be oily sometimes, I set it with translucent powder. Maybe on dry skin that would not be needed. Initially, I had issues with how-much-quantity to use, so as to not make my face greasy. But with use, one gets a hang of the quantity required. Applying too much can feel a little heavy and greasy, so be mindful of the quantity you pick up. All in all, a very good moisturizer. And, Brownie points for the tin packaging. Five stars!

    Excellent organic shampoo

    I have been using the argan & hemp seed shampoo bar for almost a month now and can say it works perfectly at cleaning the hair & scalp without stripping them off the natural oils. It did take some getting used to while making the switch from my regular shampoo to this, you will feel the hair will get greasy before your next designated hair wash day. But give it some days and your hair wash routine will fall back in place. The immediate effects of the shampoo - I can feel my hair thickens up a little after using this bar. Did not cause hairfall, cleared out any dandruff I had. But you definitely need a conditioner after using this bar if you habe dry hair like mine.


    Great products. Great service. Will definitely order again.

    Beard and mooch cream

    Excellent aroma! It really ups the beard's texture. Accurately matches the description in the product details

    Hair cream

    Delicious smelling hair creams make you want to almost eat them.☺ A small amount goes a long way. Overapplying causes hair to become greasy, but that applies to most hair creams available in the market. Amazing products and i am content with the output. Cant wait to try more products from satliva. Cheers to team satliva..keep it up..

    Wonderful lippie

    Lip balm is light weight and so hydrating... I have extreme dry lips with pigmentation... and this lip balm has helped my lips stay hydrated and has lightened the pigmentation to an extent.... will continue using this lippie.... worth it....

    Good product

    Working well for me. The volume of my hair has increased after I started using the product.

    Coco bliss body butter

    One of best body butters I have used.


    Smells good and lathers a lot!


    Bought it for my mother who is 60 year old and we noticed immediate impact on her skin..glow as well as visibly wrinkles reduced



    Satliva products

    All products of satliva is very nice and natural pure organic results is very awsome


    Good products!

    Nice product. Wife loved it

    Very nice. Ordered for my wife. She loved it

    Mango rosemary face cream

    It is a good product..I've been using this for almost 2 years now...I love their lip balm collection too..it keeps the lips well mosturised for a long period of time...i miss raspberry lip balm...it is not currently available in the website

    skin friendly product

    Mango Lavender Face Cream

    Bought for sis

    Works really good

    Feels good

    I opened the box and I smelled it, Nice. But when rubbed, smells a lil like a petroleum product, but then takes its place and it's perfect. I am using it as sometimes face and mostly a hand creme, and it's wonderful for that.

    Good but very shiny

    Use it at night.


    Works well. Smells nice. Stays long.

    Thank you very much ! I am really enjoying both products ! Particularly knowing the natural ingredients they are made of! Congratulations! Keep on providing us with them!