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Excellent for Oily skin

I can't say for anyone else, but it worked really well on my skin. I'm not sure about the claim of removing/reducing blemishes and scars, but it's a great daily moisturizer. On first application, it's a bit oily- since it's a natural cream- but within 15-20 minutes, it settles really well into the skin. I've been using it daily
for over a month now and while it may not have solved any problems on my face, it certainly has not made it worse, and was worth the experiment! I have purchased another tin :)

One of the Best thing for hair

Since the time I have started to use this shampoo bar I have never looked at any other shampoo. It is that good. Kudos to the team for coming up with such a great product.
Also if you are new to using shampoo bar, your hair will take some time adjusting to it. Use Apple cider vinegar as a rinse after washing your hair with this shampoo bar. Works out perfect!

Mango Lavender Face Cream - Controls wrinkles, dark spots & sun damage

It's a great product

It is a great product which suits my skin. It blends on my skin naturally and gives no makeup free glowing look. Thanks to satliva

Hemp with Avocado Body Soap

It's an excellent soap and and doesn't dry your skin!
But I do wish your packaging was simpler and yet functional.

Wonderful shea butter body soap from satliva. This keeps my skin soft and moisturised


Effective it’s hemp all the way

lip balm-

loved the pack size, package and the smell of the balm.happy with the product.Also , i really appreciate that you used india post for shipping

Multipurpose cream.πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

This is another gem of brand satliva. The mango rosemary variant is as good as the mango lavender cream. This is one stop solution for wrinkle, acne, suntan, itchiness and spots. Suitable for all skin types. Especially oily skin beauties. Reasonably priced. Should be used after a proper cleansing process.

Amazing. !!!!. Multitasking πŸ‘πŸ»

This is my second purchase from the brand. I'm in love with this Mango lavender face cream. It changed my skin texture completely. No wrinkles no acne ( not even occasional) and dewy spotless bright skin. All at a very reasonable price. Best if it is used after mild cleansing. Can be used as a sunscreen. A must have for dry sensitive skin beauties .

The Beard Moochh Cream

An exceptional product, loved the freshness it adds to my beard - it's quite easy to work into and smells great as well.

Good smell.. Not sure about dandruff care

It smells great for a couple of hours and is a good alternative to pomades and mousses but I'm really not sure about dandruff or hairfall prevention. I haven't seen any results yet.

Hemp with Shea Butter and Activated Charcoal Body Soap Bar - Reduces acne, blackheads & removes dead cells

Hemp with Neroli Body Butter - Improves skin elasticity, reduces dryness & moisturizes

Very nice

I love ur neroli body butter and mango Lavender face works very well on my dry winter must prduct in regime

Best solution to all skin problems

We don't realize but dry skin is the root cause of many skin problems. Hemp with body butter works fabulously overnight and is a great moisturizer too. Am very satisfied I purchased it

Hemp with Argan and Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar - Strengthens hair follicles, removes impurities & absorbs excess oil

Mango Lavender Face Cream - Controls wrinkles, dark spots & sun damage

Cocoa Bliss Body Butter - Diminishes fine lines, stretch marks & restores elasticity to dull skin

Cocoa Bliss Body Butter - Diminishes fine lines, stretch marks & restores elasticity to dull skin

Mango Lavender Face Cream - Controls wrinkles, dark spots & sun damage

Best product ever made

I have been using Satliva Hemp and avacado soap since quite some time now, and I would vouch for its quality and genuineness. My skin feels more softer and clearer with its use now. Thanks Satliva

Ylan ylang lip balm

Am in love with lip balm. Smells fantastic. Keeps the lips moist for a long time

Love your products

I am deeply in love with your lip balms and lavender mango cream. Recommending it to friends also now. Thank you 😊