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    Based on 376 reviews

    Hemp with Shea Butter Body Soap Bar


    a bit expensive

    Natural Magic!

    The product is awesome!! My skin felt smoother than before and it has worked wonderfully bringing an even tone to my skin. I will recommend everyone to experience it for themselves.

    Good choice of product

    Removes toxins from face visibly and can be used with no regrets as it's 100% natural

    Hemp with Cocoa Butter Body Soap Bar

    Ylang Lip Balm

    Argan Rosemary Hair Cream

    Hemp with Neroli Body Butter

    Great savon!

    Great savons!

    Shampoo Bar

    The smell is heavenly. I have used it twice till now, so far it is satisfying

    Hemp with Argan and Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar

    Cannmelon Hair Cream

    good but quantity less for the price

    I apply it post shampoo on damp hair , it does make them more managable and controls the frizz to good extent. Overall good product but the quantity is less for the price

    Mango Rosemary Face Cream

    Reduced itching

    Hey it's helping me initially it was very dry skin now skin is soft, whenever i feel dry i apply this cream. Still itching but it's very supportive for my skin. My skin is still damage n dry n black. But thank you so much for helping me with dryness.

    Product is awesome

    I really like this product because I'm trying to cut down plastic use, this product is eco-friendly. It claims it is natural but doesn't have ingredients list mentioned.

    Awesome product

    To be honest I did not expect it to be this good when i purchased it. I have already repurchased it for 3 times now. Extremely good product with amazing results. Thank you Satliva.

    Hair squeaky clean and conditioned

    I opted for this bar for my poker straight hair out of environmental concerns about plastic shampoo bottles. I'm delighted that I haven't had to compromise on the quality of my shampoo and conditioner experience. Hair looks great.
    Hair was slightly sticky during the monsoon period - possibly because of the argan oil. Don't know how you can fix this problem unless it means having separate shampoo and conditioner bars. Overall a wonderful product.


    I rate the product as excellent,
    The support and help i got from the team was amazing, i have problem with one of tge product and upon contacting the team they have sent me a replacement immediately

    Cooling Hair Cream

    The peppermint in this hair cream gives a nice cooling sensation and it also nourishes the scalp, will buy it again.


    I loved it a lot

    Ylang Lip Balm

    Amazing product

    It's been a month since am using the product. Could notice visible changes in fine lines and overall am so happy with satliva products

    Hello Bubu, Thank you so much for your trust and love towards Satliva. Please do try our other products.

    Great products for children ever seen..

    Thank you so much Tarakavani.
    Argan Rosemary hair cream - brilliant concoction

    Me and my husband both love it. Makes hair soft and manageable after shampoo. So much better than other commercial hair gels.

    Hello Sukanya, thank you so much for your valuable review.