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Good and helpful

For hair styling - Neither too hard nor too soft. Balanced.
For hair health - hair looks good and healthy.
Apply on damp hair for best results.
P.S. - satliva can lower down the price a bit.

An encompassing complete beauty product

Every wash with ‘Hemp with Shea Butter and Activated Charcoal Body Soap Bar’ was refreshing and exhilarating. Opens my senses and the cool mint tinge refreshes the body and mind alike! Keep up the good work ‘Namrata HempCo Limited‘. Good luck and God speed to this committed cause of giving affordable luxury and essence of life with natural products. 😊

Very nice oil

My skin felt smooth on using it

So far so good. It has done what it promised. Happy with the product and will order again

Berry Hemp Trail Mix
Aman Uppal (New Delhi, IN)
Delicious munch with a crunch

I've been in search of a healthy snack to nibble on while I work, this berry hemp trail mix solves all my problems.

No better lip balm in the market!

Great product! I decided to pick one up due to the harsh winters in Delhi, and I have nothing but praise for this lip balm.

Argan Peppermint Hair Cream

I love the texture and it’s medium hold which makes my hair to look shiny. Just love the product and must give a try for sure. Thank you - Satliva

This did wonders for my Nani

My nani is 70 years old and has a lot of health issues, diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid to name a few. Due to taking a lot of medicines she gets allergic reactions, is low on energy & feels lethargic all the time. I suggested her to take this hemp seed oil for her overall health & wellness. My nani feels a lot better after taking the oil for a month. She feels energetic, her rashes have gone down and she feels much better than before.

This cream does EVERYTHING I need it to

This cream literally does everything you need it to; Moisturize, UV protection, and acne control. Instead of buying 5 different products, now I only need to use this one.

Dandruff visibly vanished within 1 week of using the cream

I don't know what Satliva puts in their products, but it is nothing short of miraculous! Living in Delhi during the winters means super hot showers, and a flaky scalp...bad news for me. but, within a week of using this hair cream, my scalp is immeasurably less itchy and flaky, dandruff is almost entirely gone, and my hair feels great.

soothed my joint pains and helped drastically with fatigue!

My favourite purchase this year. I have an Extensive medical history with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and Osteonecrosis of the hip due to chemotherapy, but the Hemp Seed oil helped greatly with regards to reliving joint pains, boosting my energy, and adding to my overall health. I 100% recommend the Hemp seed oil to anyone, health issues or not. I'm glad to have come across this product here!

It helped my daughter

Now my daughter is 7 years old
In April 2020 morning in sleeping itself she had seizures first time for more than 5 minutes and as per Alopathy treatment we have given levipill 2.5ml morning and 2.5 ml evening, After 8 months again as per doctor's prescription we have increased dosage to 5 ml morning and 5ml evening. During this period every 2 months she had attacks in the morning which is more than 3 minutes.

From April April 2021 onwards we are using hemp seed oil 5ml morning and 5ml evening along with alopathy medicine, with this attacks are reduced and from April2021 to till now 2 times very mild attack ( only lips shaking) which is fraction of seconds .

Love the hair oil

My hair fall & dandruff has reduced a lot only in a month. Will keep using this

Brilliant oil, love how effective it is

I have been using the jojoba body oil for quite some time now. Since I am diabetic, I am prone to dry, itchy & flaky skin, especially my legs. No matter what cream, coconut oil, olive oil whatever I have used, the problem persisted, either it was too oil or it did not work at all. But this jojoba oil from satliva is the best, I have been using it after shower & before going to bed on my legs & I have seen drastic improvements. Very impressed.

Everything about this body butter is good.

The smell of this body butter is out of this world and it just melts on your skin. This cream is perfect for winters & the keeps the body feeling moisturised all-day

Hemp Chutney Powder
Rumana Jabin (Bengaluru, IN)
Love the chutney podi

Never imagined chutney podi made with hemp, but this is too good. This chutney powder goes damn well with idli & dosa. Love it.

Best cleanser for face & body

The best natural cleanser I have come across till now. I use this for my face and body both and it does the job quite well. It's been more than a year I have been using just Satliva soaps and I am loving it.

Best solution to my dry skin

I have been using a million products for my dry skin to get the perfect nourishment, but only found the right match when my daughter introduced me to Satliva. I have been using their soap bar and mango lavender cream for quite sometime now and I have never been happier with the way my skin feels. It is not extremely dry and looks much more nourished and plump. My dark spots, wrinkles & spots have vanished. I am extremely happy with the products and I am never switching back to chemical-based products anymore.

The best cream i have used so far

I never knew one cream can be a solution to all my problems. This cream is rich & ultra-nourishing & is also a natural sunscreen. I never knew I could use oil-based creams without getting a breakout. All you need is a tiny amount that glides easily on the skin like butter & absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue. I am on my 4th tin and I am not going back to anything else.

Amazing soap

The cocoa butter soap is super nourishing & moisturising. It does not let your skin feel dry after cleansing and the aroma is earthy & minty at the same time.

It is truly a miracle oil

I started taking this oil after a recommendation from my daughter, and since then it has been 5 months and I have not stopped for a single day. Being diabetic and a heart patient, my energy levels were quite low, with a slight tremble in my hand. I had sleep issues, depression, high blood pressure & high LDL levels. After I started consuming the Satliva Foods Hemp Seed Oil, I saw a drastic change in my body. I feel better, the trembling has gone completely, I have better energy levels & get better sleep. Depression & anxiety episodes are lesser, even though it comes occasionally, it lasts for a lesser duration. The hemp seed oil has truly helped my health and has shown terrific effects.


Yeah!it had like some SuperPower in gaining results...

Satliva mornings and tea tree oil

Excellent product.


Yeah! It describe's the word butter.
Amazing product.