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    Based on 323 reviews
    Argan Rosemary Hair Cream review

    I feel the cream is extremely balmy well for an overnight use and then wash the next day. if i use it post wash the hair looks and feels extremely oily and sticky..until now i still have hair fall..but i guess that might take a while to go away.

    Love the Hemp & Moringa Oil

    For years, I have been trying various creams for reducing wrinkles. I can’t say all my wrinkles have disappeared but my face is more nourished and radiant from using this oil every night. During the day I use the lavender & hemp salve. I will reorder and keep going with these products. I am very happy to be using a product that is free of chemicals and rely on the goodness of hemp and Moringa.

    Hemp with Shea Butter and activated Charcoal

    It nourishes your skin with the essential oils and doesn’t make your skin dry.

    Awesome soap bar

    It feels so fresh using it...unlike the chemical based face wash and other soaps
    Their products are worth trying

    Mango lavender face cream


    Good Product

    Mango and lavender cream

    It is hydrating and refreshing. Loved it

    very satisfied

    i ordered this because my hair is actually quite healthy and long but very frizzy,this product really helped and now my hair definitely looks much nicer soft and shiny...also only a pinch of it needs to be applied so doesn't pinch the pocket as well...Happy with the product :)

    Wonderful product. Very much taking care of dry skin.

    Super moisturization


    Help to revive skin

    Hemp with Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

    Argan Peppermint Hair Cream

    I use it for styling my hair sometimes, to do away with flyaways. I also use it as a pre-wash and post wash cream. It doesn’t leave my hair stick or oily and the peppermint cools the scalp.

    promise and performance match

    great fragrance and great moisture ....picked up on reco of Dr luke cutinno.

    Very good soap

    Excellent soap. Lathers well and washes off easily. have not noticed any residue. will buy it again

    Argan rosemary cream

    Good if I use it before head bath. But after headbath as a conditioning not happy bcoz it makes the hair to oily

    Great Product.

    Great product with superb fragrance. It just smells and feels so so good to the skin. Fascinated by the way the soap is organic. Looking forward to trying their other products also.

    Tried the shampoo bar

    I have switched to non chemical based shampoos for some time now and came across this product from Satliva that i decided to try. I am thoroughly pleased with the shampoo bar and along with the hair cream has left my hair feeling soft, moist and healthy. I am now become a life long fan of this product


    Lovely product

    Authentic and good quality

    Highly recommended. Seems a legit deal and definitely works to make your skin better.

    Excellent Soap. Have ordered some more

    Excellent soap. Lathers well. quick to rinse off and doesnt leave any residue

    Good product

    good to use

    Great product

    So I started using it with a slew of other satliva products and i must saw they r worth every bit of money they ask for.... I just wish that they have a slightly less rich formula for summers as it tends to get little greasy even when used in small quantities

    Mango Lavender Face Cream

    It’s been 24 days now I have started using this cream and I am loving it!! My skin has become acne free now. The acne marks have faded though not vanished completely. There’s a radiance on my face. Even the pigmentation has reduced I feel. I use this cream on my 4 year old daughter’s face too and it’s suited her just fine. My children love the way it smells.

    Oil for quenching the thirst of your skin !

    It is sheer bliss for people with dry skin. I was quite surprised when on the first application it vanished into the skin after I woke up next morning. An absolute recommendation for all .