Give Your Skincare A Natural Upgrade With Hemp Seed Oil Products By Satliva

In today's fast-paced life - full of stress, unhealthy food habits, exposure to pollution, and erratic sleeping patterns - women (or men) are inevitably plagued by skin & hair problems, more often than not. Acne, pimples, dry skin, dull skin, hair-fall, frizzy hair and many more such issues pose as some of the biggest problems in our lives! Coz making the right impression starts by having healthy skin & hair - a goal which every woman strives towards. 
With a plethora of skincare or haircare products available in the market, not to mention home-made remedies or the random 'daadi ke nuske', you might just be spoilt for choice (and often, confused) when it comes to choosing the right product for your problem. But in this crowd of mass-manufactured products and chemical-induced cosmetics, how do we know what's good for us?


I got the answer to this question a couple of months earlier when I was invited by luxury organic beauty brand Satliva to visit their factory and check out the whole process of how they make natural skincare & haircare products using - wait for it - Hemp Seed Oil!!!

Many of you might know what Hemp is. For the uninitiated, Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis plant from the leaves of which Marijuana is made! But not to be shocked, that's not the only use of this versatile plant. Hemp is grown commercially to be used in various items such as textiles, paper, biodegradable plastics, biofuel or animal feed. 
But, but, but. Satliva has used this wonder plant - rather, the seeds - in creating organic beauty products that prove to be magically effective in dealing with our regular skincare or haircare issues! Hemp seed oil, which is the core ingredient of Satliva products, is said to be nature's most balanced oil. It contains important amino acids, omega 6, omega 3, protein, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and quite a few minerals; thus helping keep our skin & hair healthy. 

Our visit to the Satliva factory was enlightening, to say the least! We could actually witness how the raw hemp seeds are compressed to give off the pure oil, and how that oil is mixed with other 100% natural ingredients to create amazing beauty products!
We got to bring home some of these great products, according to our choice & skin type or issues, and I must say I've been quite impressed by using some of them! 
I have currently been using the following products that I got from Satliva and each of them have proved to be quite awesome in its own way:

A detailed review of each product will be up stay tuned! :)
If you are still not convinced, then visit the Satliva website to check out their wide range of skincare & haircare products and read testimonials from their happy clients!
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I'm happily using my Satliva products and noticing a healthy difference to my skin & hair! 
You can too!!!
Till next time!
*Originally published on by Anupriya DG