8 Tips to Prepare your Skin for Winter with SATLIVA

Cold never bothered me anyway!”, is only true for Elsa from the Frozen movie. For the rest of us, we need to take extra care of our skin during winters. The dry and harsh season strips off moisture from our skin and makes it dry and dull.

With winter setting in and plenty of holidays around, there are a lot of changes in our diet, routine and weather. These factors together take a toll on our skin, with wrinkles appearing, acne becoming worse than ever and dry and itchy feeling all over.    

However, with some minor tweaking in our skin care regime and products we use during winters, can make a big difference in maintaining the health and beauty of our skin.

It’s critical to always use 100% natural products, free from any toxins, chemicals and fragrance, that damage skin health and only provide temporary beauty benefits. 

Take a look some easy and simple tips that can help reduce the effects of the harsh weather and get a winter-ready radiant and supple skin.

  1. Wash your face with mild facewash/ soap – Unlike summers when you need to wash off oil from your face, in winters you need a facewash that has ingredients that are gentle. SATLIVA offers a number of soaps with goodness of Hemp seed oil that helps treat dry skin while locking in moisture. Try Hemp with Avocado Body Soap Bar with rich Avocado oil that makes skin smoother and hydrated; or Hemp with Shea Butter Body Soap Bar with shea butter and rosemary essential oil to remove dryness and clear clogged pores; or Hemp with Cocoa Butter Soap Bar loaded with cocoa butter that is known to replenish lost moisture.                                                                    
  2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – Instead of using your regular moisturizer, use oils or creams that are concentrated form of moisture, are absorbed easily and help prevent damage during winters. Go for Hemp with Jojoba Body Oil that is a great blend of castor oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil and peppermint essential oil. Jojoba oil seals in the moisture while castor oil helps skin restore its natural moisture balance. This makes it ideal for a winter-happy skin.If you have oily skin and are looking for something lighter, try Hemp with Moringa Body Oil, that helps replenish skin with the added advantage of anti-ageing qualities. Apply the oil at night for maximum absorption and best results.                                                                                               
  3. Don’t forget the sunscreen – It’s common myth that our skin does not need sun screen during winters. The fact is, sun is equally harmful all year-round, making it essential for us to protect against sun damage and signs of ageing.SATLIVA’s Mango fresh Face Butter with Rosemary Oil,  contains Mango butter that provides the benefits of skin smoothening and softening along with Carrot seed oil that has protective effects against UV rays. It is recommended to use atleast twice daily for day long protection.                                                                                                                    
  4. Avoid long, hot showers – I know, hot showers can be stress busters and relaxing after a long day at work. But dermatologists will tell you that frequent hot water makes our skin dry and itchy. Use warm water instead, that will help improve your immunity during cold weather and improve blood circulation.If you are craving a spa experience, you can soak yourself in a warm water bath infused with oils, that contains highly potent ingredients that replenishes and rejuvenates skin while uplifting your mood.        
  5. Stay hydrated – I cannot emphasize enough on the benefits of drinking water. Drinking adequate amount of water ensures that you are hydrated, toxins are flushed out and skin looks like lit from inside. Avoid caffeine and soda, and remember that they are not water substitutes.

  6. Exfoliate – Exfoliating twice a week is crucial as it helps remove dead cells and keep it clean. Especially during the dry weather, to maximize the absorption of oil/ cream you need to buff away the dead cells.You should give Hemp with Shea Butter and Activated Charcoal Body Soap a try. Activated charcoal’s exfoliating property is touted to remove dirt and dead cells naturally as well as improve blood circulation. Plus, shea butter is rich in fats, making it a great moisturizing agent.

  7. Keep your lips happy too – The skin on the lips need special care during winters as they are thin and can easily crack up and dry. My favorite is SATLIVA’s Raspberry lip balm, that has all the right ingredients - hemp seed oil for nourishment, cocoa butter and beeswax to soothe and moisturize along with raspberry seed oil with high SPF for sun protection. What more can we ask for!

  8. Watch what you eat –While we are unstoppable on the sugar, during the holidays in winters, healthy diet easily goes right off the window. Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet with some fats to give your skin oil.

    Stay on top of your moisturizing game and enjoy supple, smooth skin this winter that needs no hiding!

Written By Namrata Kothari, Upward Media for SATLIVA.