An Effective Complete Body Care Routine

Body care routines have been an integral component of life for millennia. Over 5000 years ago, Ayurveda advocated for natural healing and created many vital components of body care that we use to this day. However, a salubrious and sustainable body care routine is no effortless task. To create an effective and efficient body care routine, one must first learn what a body care routine entails. This blog post will breakdown the foundational aspects of a complete body care routine with the best products for that particular purpose. Let’s get right into it. 

The Components that Create an All-Encompassing Body Care Routine

Complete body care can be broken down into 4 parts: oiling, cleansing, moisturizing, and scenting. Let’s dive deeper into each one of these crucial components.

  • Oiling - A full body massage with the appropriate oil is an age-old remedy for radiant and healthy skin. Ayurveda refers to this process with the Sanskrit word “Abhyanga.” A thorough oiling once a week comes with several benefits, such as improved skin texture, locking in moisture, diminishing of scars or signs of aging, and better sleep quality (which we all know is the best body care tip). Using the right oils can make this experience all the more pleasant and beneficial. We recommended the Hemp with Moringa Face & Body Oil, or the Hemp with Jojoba Body Oil for an unrivaled Abhyanga experience.

  • Cleansing - A deep cleansing of the skin is necessary to unclog dirt and oil filled pores, refresh and hydrate the skin, and add a certain glow. Most individuals tend to trust water to do the job. Unfortunately, water by itself can only superficially clean the skin, using a natural cleanser is the best way to access the many benefits of a deep cleanse. Our go-to cleansers at Satliva are - Hemp with Shea Butter & Activated Charcoal Body Soap Bar and Hemp with Moringa Soap Bar.

  • Moisturizing - Almost everyone has experienced what it feels like to use a moisturizer. That being said, not everyone consistently follows through with their moisturizing regimen. The benefits to moisturizing the skin are endless. It helps keep skin hydrated, prevents acute dryness, protects the skin from airborne pollutants, and certain moisturizers even prevent UV rays from damaging your skin. To access all these benefits, the top 3 creams on our list are - Red Raspberry Face Cream, Mango Lavender Face Cream, and Hemp with Neroli Body Butter.

  • Scenting - Not everyone is a fan of scenting. Most deodorants and perfumes tend to carry an obscene amount of chemicals that cause irreversible damage to your skin. Fortunately, there are a few natural alternatives for scenting the skin, such as cold-pressed essential oils and dusting powders. At Satliva, our products are crafted out of organic and cold-pressed essential oils. This gives them a naturally soothing scent, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and ending your body care routine on the right note.