Getting your Skin Ready for the Onset of the Winter Season

As the winter cold steadily intensifies, we must all ensure our skin is winter ready. The winter season - though mesmerizing - is known to dry out the skin, deceptively cause UV-ray damage, and cause the skin to look dull and listless. Our skincare routines have to be tweaked in order to provide what the skin requires most during this weather. To make things easier, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share with you our “Satliva winter skincare routine and essentials.” Let’s dive right into it!

#1 - Take short showers

It is perfectly normal to look forward to scorching hot baths and showers during the winter. They provide much needed respite from the bone-chilling cold. However, the winter weather is dreaded for the extreme dryness it causes. Hot baths and showers tend to further dry out the skin, leaving you with itchy and sometimes flaky skin that neither looks nor feels pleasant. Taking shorter baths can go a long way in terms of curbing winter dryness!

#2 - Moisturizing is paramount

Moisturizing should be a part of an effective skincare routine regardless of the weather, but even more so during the winter. The winter cold sucks out the moisture from your skin. This results in a dull, dry, and listless appearance. A moisturizer that provides lasting hydration and moisture retention is key to an effective winter skin care routine. Our Hemp with Neroli Body Butter does exactly what you need it to and then some more. Additionally, it improves skin elasticity, contains antimicrobial properties, and an abundance of antioxidants. 

#3 - Don’t skip the sunscreen this winter

It is a common misconception that sunscreen is unnecessary during gloomy winters. Afterall, no sunlight means no sunscreen, right? Wrong. UV rays can easily penetrate through the clouds and just as easily penetrate your skin. A natural sunscreen with sufficient moisturizing properties can protect you from the harsh effects of UV rays, while doubling as an effective moisturizer!
Satliva’s Red Raspberry Face Cream was carefully crafted for this very purpose. 

#4 - Full body oil massage is essential

Ayurveda, India’s age-old natural science for healing and well-being swears by the umpteen benefits of body oiling. It is known to improve blood circulation, moisturize skin, improve skin elasticity, prevent or diminish signs of aging, and even assists in skin cell regeneration and repair. A body oil with the added benefits of Hemp Seed Oil can take your winter skin care routine a step further. The Hemp with Jojoba Body Oil is the perfect defense against the harsh winters.

#5 - Stay hydrated

Finally, staying hydrated throughout the day is among the best things one can do to keep their skin healthy and radiant during the winter. It improves blood flow, rids the body of toxins, and even improves elasticity. 

By following these tips and tricks, you will no longer need to hold yourself back from enjoying the winter cold and exciting festivities.