A Short Guide To Summertime Hair Care

Neglecting hair care during the scorching summer season? Big mistake.
We’re all familiar with innumerable tips and tricks to protect our skin under the hot summer sun, but what do we do to protect our hair? Does our hair even require protection from the sun’s hazardous UV rays?
Read on to find out more. 

Effects of UV rays on hair

UV rays tend to destroy the protein bonds in your hair, causing irreversible damage. Every time we overexpose our hair to the sun, UV radiation can destroy protein amino acids. This results in the weakening of the hair structure, and consequently; the loss of moisture and imminent dehydration. Although, the sun is not all bad, as the vitamin D from sunlight promotes the production of keratin (an essential protein), but when your hair is overexposed, it has the opposite effect. The sun damages the internal structure of the hair, which then becomes fragile, causing dullness, breakage, and hair loss. 

How to protect your hair from the sun

There are several things you can do to protect your beloved locks in the summer; from choosing better hair care products, to natural home remedies. We’ve put together an effective and concise list that will fit right into your daily hair care routine. 

  1. Upgrade to a shampoo bar :  Conventional store bought liquid shampoos contain numerous chemicals, artificial fragrances, and additives that work together to dehydrate, and strip essential nutrients from your hair. Keeping this in mind, our team at Satliva has created the HEMP WITH ARGAN AND ACTIVATED CHARCOAL SHAMPOO BAR; crafted with organic, cold-pressed essential oils, and 100% pure Hemp Seed Oil, it helps strengthen your hair, while retaining the natural oil produced by the follicles. Additionally, it removes dirt and build-up, and helps restore radiance to your hair. The presence of peppermint oil in the mix helps to cool the scalp, and assuage inflammation caused by the sun.

  2. Oil your hair :  The practice of oiling hair goes back centuries in India, and for good reason. It helps to stimulate hair growth, thickens hair, controls dandruff, dryness, irritated skin, and treats damaged hair. The HEMP WITH AVOCADO HAIR OIL helps you with all these vexing hair and scalp issues and more. It works best when applied and left in overnight.

  3. Use a reliable hair cream :  Hair creams are steadily gaining popularity. From being used for styling, hair masks, and most importantly; as a UV shield for your hair. We’ve carefully engineered the ARGAN PEPPERMINT HAIR CREAM to help you address summertime hair care with ease. It prevents sun damage to hair, controls dandruff, moisturises the scalp, controls hair loss, stimulates hair growth, and leaves your hair smelling and looking fresh. The presence of peppermint oil in this special concoction helps you keep a cool head, and soothes your scalp.

  4. Include tried and tested home remedies : “home remedies,” every Indian household has its own, but how do you find the right one for you? Here are 3 tried and tested home remedies to get you started.
  • Massaging with Aloe Vera juice or gel.
  • Egg white hair mask.
  • Applying a neem paste with added olive oil or honey. 

Aside from sun related damage, the summer entails frequent visits to the swimming pool and waterparks, the water in both is profusely treated with chemicals, which further damage your hair. Each of these remedies and products have made our list due their versatile applications in several hair damaging summer activities, so don’t deprive yourself this summer.