Introducing Satliva’s beard growth cream

Satliva is an Indian company that encourages sustainability and understands the value of all natural goods. It has launched a range of gentleman basics tailored specifically to the needs of male customers. Whether you like them or not, beards are here to stay in some form or another. Anyone who has grown one can attest to the time and effort that has gone into it. You'll need to offer some support along the road to get over the fuzz stage, the beard itch stage, and all the other phases merely to keep the beard in check. Satliva's beard growth cream can help with this. Let us not wait and make you aware of its goodness.

Satliva’s beard growth cream for men

Fresh fragrance 

Great for beards of all shapes and sizes

The beard growth cream is not only good for the hair but rich in fragrance. It has a very woody light scent that stays throughout the day. Beard Oil aroma in the beard growth cream is a great combination of the natural, refreshing scent of Tea Tree oil and the green leaves of Geranium Essential oil. 

Rich in nutrients 

Beard growth cream for men all natural

This beard growth cream is not only about the looks. It also makes sure that your beard hair is healthy and provides them with the goodness of Hemp Seed Oil, Mango Butter, Argan Oil, Beeswax, Geranium Oil, and Tea Tree Oil which makes this cream the ideal addition to your grooming regime.

All vegan beard growth cream

This cream has beeswax which helps set your beard hair in place for important occasions. The beeswax gives the beard a matte finish. beeswax, which also aids with moisture retention, all of these substances work together to stimulate correct beard development while also keeping your beard healthy and smelling great.

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