My top favorite lip balms from Satliva

If you've ever had chapped, peeling, or cracked lips, you know how humiliating it is. This thin coating is readily licked off during the cold. This, along with cold and windy conditions, frequently results in chapped and dry lips. As a result, lip balm is essential. With fewer applications, a decent lip balm may completely change your dry lips. Satliva is a very aware brand that not only focuses on manufacturing but also cares passionately about its customers and the environment. All of its products are free of toxins and vegan, making them ideal for keeping your lips healthy and nourished. Lets begin without further ado!

Satliva’s lip balms

Orange Lip Balm
Orange lip balm all vegan from Satliva

Orange oil combined with cocoa butter provides a soft lip balm that moisturizes, soothes, and protects chapped, cracked, and peeling lips. It is cold-pressed and freshly produced to order, which improves its ability to hydrate. This lip balm is convenient and portable. The key ingredient orange oil makes it stand out from other lip balms in the market because it is extremely rare for lip products to possess the goodness of orange in them. It prevents darkening and nourishes dry lips. Along with orange oil, Hemp seed oil and cocoa butter are also there which moisturize the lips preventing splitting and drying and help in supplying and retaining moisture to the lips.

Ylang ylang lip balm
Ylang ylang lip balm from Satliva

The blooms of the plant Cananga odorata genuina are used to make ylang ylang oil. People apply ylang ylang oil to their skin to induce relaxation and to protect against extreme damage. This lip balm provides the ideal combination of cocoa butter, beeswax, and ylang ylang oil, all of which are incredibly nourishing and moisturizing. Beeswax retains natural moisture in the lips, while cocoa butter moisturizes them from within. The combination of these three ingredients has been shown to be quite effective.

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