Hemplification - For the Body and the Soul

Wouldn’t you just love to head on to the spa after a long week at work? That feeling of freshness and rejuvenation! Sadly, most of us hardly get the time to, and let’s be honest it could become a very expensive routine. But are we just going to let a jam-packed schedule keep us away from that feeling of relaxation? Attempting to sweep you off your feet, Satliva’s bath and body care hemp line promises you a spa experience at home, every day! Pampering you every step of the way.

Satliva as a brand that translates luxury. A luxury brand of hemp based bath and body-care products, made with exquisite natural hemp ingredients and essential oils giving your skin that everyday experience it deserves. Our products strike the perfect balance of nutrients that nourish the hair and skin, giving it life from within. These products are carefully created using naturally derived, high performance ingredients to give you the best results.

Your daily dose of ‘Hemplification’

By popular demand, natural ingredient products have become the most sought after products in the market these days. Have you noticed how most shampoos and conditioners almost always contain surfactants and other chemicals leaving your hair feeling dry, brittle and lacking luster? While these products strip your hair of its natural proteins, Satliva’s shampoo bars do just the opposite! It’s key ingredient, the hemp seed oil helps improve hair texture and shine providing your hair with the nutrient rich food it needs.

Who says that a spa is the only place you can detox? Satliva’s body soaps are designed to sooth your soul! These soap bars can do for you what a spa can, and work like a charm. Its revitalizing abilities combined with shea butter and hemp seed oil make sure these soaps are packed with nutrition to keep your skin nourished all day. They not only protect your skin from harsh climatic conditions, but also gently exfoliate, imparting a smooth after-feel on the skin. With a shelf life of 120 days, these soaps have to be the latest addition to your home-spa ritual.

What better way to finish off this ritual than moisturizing! Our exciting line of rich and creamy body butters provides your skin with the nourishment it needs to look and feel healthy. The light hemp seed oil used in these products penetrates the skin without leaving it greasy and oily on the surface; a feature that truly makes a difference during the scorching summer months. From retaining moisture in the skin to protecting it from harmful rays, these body butters are the way to go; turning dry and flaky skin to fresh and radiant skin in no time.

At Satliva, we believe in tangible results. Results you can see, feel, and experience. We believe in the power of hemp and in turn the power of nature, with the promise that our products are safe, non-toxic and highly effective, leaving no carbon footprint.