How to Fix a Dry & Itchy Scalp

As fun and beautiful as the summer is, these months bring with them a range of skin and hair problems. However, the most vexing out of all these problems is a dry and itchy scalp! A problem as common as this doubtlessly has countless solutions and remedies, but only a handful of these truly work. Today we’re going to talk about some simple lifestyle and product additions you can utilize to circumvent this common summer problem. 

#1 - Avoid scalding hot showers

Nobody is a stranger to hot showers. They’re relaxing, comfortable, and do provide a range of benefits in terms of muscle aches and improved blood flow. However, hot showers tend to further dry out the scalp and hair, leading to untamable dryness, itchiness, and flakiness. Regular hot showers ultimately lead to brittle hair, leading to hair fall and breakage. To enjoy the benefits of a hot shower without having to face the full brunt of these regrettable consequences, use a pre-shampoo hair mask. This will behave as a shield during your shower and replenish any moisture lost during the process. Our Cannmelon Hair Cream is the perfect shower companion this summer 

#2 - Swap out the chemical products for natural alternatives

Hair care is often wrongly limited to shampoo and conditioner. Even so, the hair and scalp require just as much attention as the skin. An integral step to curb an itchy and dry scalp is to swap out the chemical products for natural alternatives. This is paramount as the chemicals present in these hair care products are known to dry out the scalp and cause inflammation, which leads to irritation, itching, and dryness. Opting for a natural hemp seed oil infused shampoo bar can save you from a lot of the dryness and itching. It can incorporate much needed moisture and lock that moisture into your scalp, preventing itchiness, flakiness, dryness, and even dandruff. At Satliva, we’ve spent months crafting the Hemp with Argan & Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar to tackle all your summer hair care needs. 

#3 - A weekly hair oil massage is a must

Hair oiling has been an important and age-old part of Indian hair care routines. It comes from the much-revered Ayurveda that is respected across the globe. Hair oiling is an extremely healthful method of reducing itchiness and dryness, incorporating essential nutrients into your hair and scalp, improving blood flow, increasing hair growth, and reducing hair fall. Using a beneficial oil like a Hemp with Avocado Hair Oil or a Hemp with Argan Hair Oil for your massages can enhance the experience and the results. Making this process one of the most effective ones to fix a dry and itchy scalp during the summers