Mango Rosemary Face Cream

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  • Made with Indian Hemp seed Oil, Beeswax, Carrot Seed Oil, Moringa, Mango Butter, Rosemary Essential Oil & Tea Tree Oil.
  • Deep cleansing and acne control
  • Clears acne marks and scars
  • Cold-pressed & Freshly-made on order.
  • Ships in 1- 2 days
What makes me unique

Have you ever wonder, what a small tin of natural cream can do to your skin! An amazing moisturizer, which deeply hydrates and nourishes skin cells and clears toxins stored in the skin cells for a long time.

Satliva Mango Rosemary is a unique blend of Indian Hemp Seed Oil, Mango Butter, and Rosemary Essential Oil. The combination is loaded with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, that are required for healthy and naturally glowing skin. Rosemary essential oil with its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties keeps your acne at bay. 

This amazing face cream, thanks to the rich anti-oxidants in Indian Hemp Seed Oil and Mango Butter,  helps in cleansing, by clearing clogged pores and dead skin cells while protecting the skin from harsh pollutants and sun damage. Satliva Mango Rosemary is a nutrient-rich cream, that deep cleanses skin cells and effectively removes and diminishes acne, marks, scars, and pigmentation. This soothing cream is a blessing to the skin. The multi-blend hemp face cream is all that you need for your clear skin goals. 

Pimples show up on the surface of the skin, which is a natural process of skin to flush out excess oil, toxins, and dirt from its cells. This face cream, with an abundance of vitamins A, C, and E, and Omega-3 will helps the facial skin to recover faster, leaving behind clear, soft and glowing skin. 


    For maximum benefits and freshness, all our natural and organic products should be kept in a cool, dry place and used within 6 months of purchase. 

      Mango Butter
      It clears pores and prevents pimples and blackheads. 
      Its antioxidants reduce inflammation and redness on skin. 
      It repairs your DNA and builds collagen to give smooth, wrinkle free skin. 

      It rejuvenates skin, eliminates skin bacteria, reduces acne and pimples. 
      Its antioxidants also help in skin tightening and promote collagen growth in the skin.
      It also treats puffiness and damage due to sunburn.

      Hemp Seed Oil: If you're looking for a healthy and nourished body, Hemp Seed Oil is your friend.
      Mango Butter: Skin brightening, tightening or moisturizing, Mango Butter does it all.
      Moringa Oil: With the use of Moringa Oil, forget what wrinkles and fine lines are. 
      Beeswax: Regular Use of Beeswax keeps your skin protected from dryness and bacterial infections.
      Carrot Seed Oil: The superstar that fights sun damage and anti-ageing along with moisturizing the skin.
      Rosemary Essential Oil: Use this natural astringent that tones, cleanses and protects the skin.
      Tea Tree Oil: This anti-inflammatory oil calms redness, swelling and inflammations on the skin.

      Wonder how to use ?

      How It Works?

      The hydrating and nourishing face cream penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, providing overall nourishment to the skin, making it soft, smooth and supple.

      How to use?

      Step 1:

      Wash your face and neck thoroughly.

      Step 2:

      Take a small amount and spread in your hands, then apply on face and neck evenly.

      Step 3:

      Gently massage in circular motion for a few minutes or until completely absorbed in skin. Use twice a day or more as desired.

      When to use?

      For maximum benefit, use twice a day, preferably once after shower and once at bedtime. You can also use it more as desired.

      Who is it for?

      + Whether you want to nourish and repair your skin, get a healthy, glowing face, or protect your skin from sun exposure every time you step out, trust this face cream to be an all-rounder that not only rejuvenates your face but also keeps it protected!

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      Mango Rosemary cream
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