When to use:
Gently lather and massage all over the body. Rinse well with warm water. For a longer-lasting soap, keep the soap dry and use a soap dish that lets the excess water drain

How it works:
The rich ingredients of this soap bar penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, not only cleansing the body but also providing it with nutrients that make the skin nourished, supple and healthy.

Who is it for:
If you're looking for a soap bar that not only cleanses your body, right up till the deeper layers of your skin, but also repairs and nourishes it, this soap bar is an all-in-one essential for your daily routine.

What to expect:
Lemongrass' fresh scent is known to be uplifting and cleansing. Its refreshing citrusy scent and astringent qualities, with the brisk twist of Peppermint, will wake you up in the morning and put a little zing in your step. This soap is the perfect way to start your day! Fresh, fun and invigorating!