When to use:
Owing to its natural composition and gentle nature, you can use the shampoo bar every day and massage your hair with the hair oil at least twice a week. You can use the hair cream to moisturize and style your hair after a shower every day. Use the lip balm throughout the day, whenever your lips go dry.

How it works:
The Daily Hair Nourishment Combo takes care of the daily dose of nourishment for your hair. It cleanses the scalp by removing all dirt and impurities, soothes the scalp and improves blood circulation, making the hair softer, stronger, thicker and healthier.

Who is it for:
Every time we step out of the house, our hair is exposed to several elements that cause damage and they just need a daily dose of nourishment and protection. So whether you are a college student, a working professional or just someone stepping out of the house, this combo is good for every one.