Ylang Ylang
  • It is a long lasting moisturizer for the lips.
  • It restores and repairs dry and chapped lips.
  • It is known as a mood enhancer that uplifts your mood when inhaled.
Hemp Oil
  • It prevents chapping of lips.
  • It makes the lips naturally glossy.
  • It keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized.

Hemp Oil: It moisturizes the lips preventing splitting and chapping.

Cocoa Butter: It helps in supplying and retaining moisture to the lips.

Beeswax: It provides the perfect texture to the lips and keeps them moisturized.

Coconut Oil: It makes your lips smooth and prevents loss of moisture.

Ylang Ylang Oil: It restores chapped lips and enhances the mood when inhaled.
Lime Oil: It lightens the lips and its scent refreshes the mood.