Hemp with Argan Hair Oil:
It strengthens the roots, helps in restoring damaged hair and fixes split-ends. It's anti-frizz properties keep the hair shiny and nourished. It restraints hair loss along with stimulating and accelerating hair growth.

Hemp with Argan Shampoo Bar:
It deeply cleanses your scalp, removes impurities and removes excess oil and sebum. It strengthens hair follicles and removes knots. It reduces scalp inflammation, restores hair elasticity and promotes new hair growth.

Argan Rosemary Hair Cream:
It makes the hair smooth by restoring dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. It minimizes split-ends, moisturizes the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Its herb-rich scent with earthy notes help you to relax and root yourself with mother nature.

Orange Lip Balm:
It hydrates the lips and keeps the moisture locked in. It nourishes and restores dry, chapped, cracked and peeling lips. Its fresh citrusy fragrance soothes and refreshes the mind.