• It clears pores and prevents pimples and blackheads.
  • Its antioxidants reduce inflammation and redness on skin.
  • It repairs your DNA and builds collagen to give smooth, wrinkle free skin.

  • It rejuvenates skin, eliminates skin bacteria, reduces acne and pimples.
  • Its antioxidants also help in skin tightening and promote collagen growth in the skin.
  • It also treats puffiness and damage due to sunburn.

Hemp Seed Oil: If you're looking for a healthy and nourished body, Hemp Seed Oil is your friend.

Mango Butter: Skin brightening, tightening or moisturizing, Mango Butter does it all.

Moringa Oil: With the use of Moringa Oil, forget what wrinkles and fine lines are.

Beeswax: Regular Use of Beeswax keeps your skin protected from dryness and bacterial infections.

Carrot Seed Oil: The superstar that fights sun damage and anti-ageing along with moisturizing the skin.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Use this natural astringent that tones, cleanses and protects the skin.

Tea Tree Oil: This anti-inflammatory oil calms redness, swelling and inflammations on the skin.