Hemp Beauty Products Online: A Venture in the Right Direction


Our planet is abundantly full with sustainable options of living, be it the fuel industry or another giant, that is the beauty industry. One such resource is Hemp. The cannabis family plant has plenty of benefits and is beneficial for the environment as well as the people. Satliva was one of the first brands to tap into this resource and release their Hemp beauty products online. Satliva produces some twenty five hemp beauty products online and does its part to help the world become a better place. 

Let us take you on a tour of Satliva’s exciting range of hemp beauty products online

Satliva’s most popular hemp based product is our Hemp Seed Oil. It’s a cold-pressed powerhouse of nutrients that helps you with your holistic health and wellness. Its Omega fatty acids help in maintaining brain and heart health; The gamma-linolenic acid present in the hemp seed oil help in easing the symptoms of PMS and protect you against the complications of menopause. 

Other than the hemp seed oil, Satliva’s hemp beauty products online range also has Mango Rosemary Face Cream is also very beneficial when it comes to reducing acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines. It also controls excessive oil secretion. Its key ingredients include the obvious hemp seed oil and mango butter, but other than that, it is also filled with the goodness of Moringa Oil, Beeswax and Tea Tree Oil. 

Satliva’s hemp beauty products online are a must have addition to your skincare routine. It’s not only beneficial for you and your body, but also to our planet, for whom we all share a moral responsibility.

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