Cold Press Skincare - The new skincare trend you need to follow right now!

Cold Pressed, it’s a familiar word these days and we use it often, but what does it actually mean when it comes to oil? 

Cold Pressed Oils refer to oils that are extracted using a cold press which is essentially a machine that keeps the oil at room temperature without changing its pH and therefore without needing much refinement after. Cold pressed oils are therefore a much more nutritionally rich and purer source of the original product than their counterpart Hot Pressed Oils. In the extraction of hot pressed oils the temperature of the product is increased substantially during extraction, this raises the pH and results in the requirement of lots of post production refinement, this means that the final product is not as nutritional as the base. A clearer and holistic understanding of this has led to the rise in demand for 100% natural Cold Pressed Oils. 

In addition to them being nutritionally richer, there are many other added benefits to Cold Pressed Oils, these are a few. 

They Are Rich in Unsaturated Fatty Acids : Because of their method of extraction, cold pressed oils can be said to retain most of the components of their ‘mother product’. Let’s look at Hemp Seed oil for example, it is rich in all that hemp seeds are found to be rich in and retains all the polyunsaturated fatty acids that are found abundantly in the seeds. This is what makes Hemp Seed Oil (Cold Pressed) the perfect ingredient for many organic hair and organic skin care products. As many know, unsaturated fatty acids such as Gamma Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid are boons for skin care, removing blemishes, enhancing complexion and even preventing hormonal breakouts. At Satliva we use a special in-house designed cold-press machine to extract hemp seed oil of the highest quality everyday! We use this luxury hemp seed oil along with other cold pressed oils to create specially curated concoctions to specifically suit your skin & hair needs. We ensure that you get the right nutrients naturally without harming your body or the environment.  

They Retain Essential Proteins : Anyone who knows how to fry an egg can understand how quickly heat can denature proteins and change their structure making them serve a completely different purpose than they started off with. The same principle applies to Hot Pressed Oils, when we raise the temperature of protein rich ingredients we risk denaturing a bunch of those essential proteins and losing their benefits, luckily with Cold Pressed Oils we don’t face this problem. This means that when indulging in 100% natural Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil Products we are reaping the many benefits of the protein rich seeds which can in fact build collagen! 

They Are Good for your Overall Immunity and Therefore your skin : The more research that is done on skin health the more truth there is to the saying ‘you are what you eat’. The fact is if you put good quality and nutritionally rich ingredients into your body this will show up on your skin, in a good way of course. So apart from choosing cold pressed beauty products, one can also look to include cold pressed fats in their cooking routine! Boosting your overall immunity will lead to a clearer, brighter and younger complexion. 

They Are As Close As Possible To The Real Thing : Taking hemp as an example again, hemp seeds may be the most nutrient rich seed on the planet, but we cannot simply rub the nut on our skin and hope for good results, we have to use some method to extract all the good from it and then go about the same. When it comes to this method, cold pressed oils have been shown time and again to retain as much of that initial goodness as possible and more than any other oil extraction method. In addition to this, their means are 100% natural, no chemicals go into this process whatsoever, it is simply a mechanical process that results in very high quality products. 

Satliva prides itself on its dedicated use of cold pressed oils to deliver our customers with 100% natural and freshly made products that can be used for your skin and hair. Place an order today and treat yourself to some wholesome goodness, you will feel the results slowly as our products are 100% natural. Your skin and hair will take time to adjust to these new products and push out the toxins before repairing the damage and you will be feeding your skin just the right nourishment that it deserves!