Hair Oil - Food for your Tresses!

Often underrated, hair oil is a must for your precious mane, from nourishing your hair and scalp with its natural goodness to fighting hair fall and taming frizz, hair oil should be a staple in your beauty regimen if it isn’t already. 

How It Helps? 

Nourishment - Natural, Organic Hair Oils are like a superfood smoothie just for your hair and scalp. Unhindered by chemicals, preservatives and processing, these oils deliver essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids straight to your hair and scalp. 

Blood Circulation - Massaging these oils into your hair and scalp increase blood circulation and ensure that the nutrients get to all the important little nooks and crannies of your head, this promotes hair growth, makes hair stronger and even prevents hair loss. 

Conditioning - Rest assured, no conditioner beats a good old oil massage.Never forget - your hair needs moisturizing too. Organic hair oils coat and penetrate your hair follicles from the root to the tip and ensure protection from breakage and damage. 

Frizz - Dry and hot weather can contribute to hair breakage, damage and untameable frizz, the key to managing oil this is a weekly oiling session. Don’t let your hair go through all that, and instead keep it nourished, hydrated, healthy and frizz free. 

Fall - Finally, it is a well-known fact that unkempt hair can lead to, ugh, dreaded, hair fall, don’t be victim to premature hair fall and instead introduce natural organic oils to your hair care routine, increase blood circulation, follicle regeneration and overall tensile strength and put your hair fall worries far, far away! 

Spotlighted Products 

Hemp with Argan Hair Oil - Strengthens the roots, helps in restoring damaged and frizzy hair, and reduces hair fall. 

An elixir for all hair types, this hair oil adds shine, accelerates growth and reduces frizz. Argan oil is a real boon for all hair woes, rich in Vitamin E it smoothes and invigorates hair, adding shine and promoting new growth. This product boasts the additional bonus of Rosemary oil that prevents split ends and damage. 

Hemp with Avocado Hair Oil - Controls hair fall, helps thicken hair and treats dandruff. 

This combination is perfect to remediate the harsh effects of chemical treatment and sun damage. Packed with not only Hemp and Avocado oil that both contribute to hair health, radiance and regeneration, but also with the anti-bacterial, cleansing and cooling properties of Peppermint Oil, our Hemp and Avocado Hair Oil is the perfect treat for your hair if you suffer from problems like hair fall, thinning hair and dandruff. 

So treat your hair to something delicious now and say goodbye to all your woes and fears. Satliva’s hair care products will have you feeling nourished both inside and out and your tresses feeling hydrated, healthy and luxurious!