“Freshly-made-on-order”: Why do we love & endorse the concept?

Fresh and pure products are always perceived as superior compared to their counterparts, but do you know why?
Cold-pressed products like hemp seed oil, are up to the brim with essential nutrients and enzymes, all greatly beneficial for your health. Infusing them with chemicals, additives, or aqua to increase their shelf-life compromises their ability to deliver to your body the abundance of nutrients present within them, leading to various skin diseases such as pigmentation, and potentially dangerous chemicals entering your body. 

The concept of “freshly-made-on-order,” fits particularly well with Satliva as we take great pride in creating 100% natural and organic products, ensuring the delivery of only the purest nutrition available to us from the heart of mother nature itself. Here are a few reasons why we feel the freshly-made-on-order concept is guiding Satliva to make better, healthier, and more sustainable products -:

  • Freshly extracted oil contains more nutrients and salubrious enzymes as compared to preserved oil.

  • Due to the lack of preservative and chemicals, our products have a shelf-life of upto 6 months, proving that we are committed to 100% natural and organic products, and ensuring we provide only the freshest, most nutrient dense products available in the personal-care market today.

  • It contributes to a zero waste lifestyle, since it’s made on order and there is no inventory. Our soaps and shampoo bars are made in extremely small batches, which further reduces our burn rate to nothing, and keeps our wastage in check.

  • It leads to a more sustainable lifestyle, because our secret Satliva formulations don’t make use of any aqua, or water intensive processing methods. 

Quite frequently, you may find that products with chemicals and additives work well for instantaneous results, but you will also notice that they never provide lasting solutions. We put our trust in nature, and learn everyday how to harness the natural goodness present all around us, so we can be truly simple, truly sustainable, and truly natural in our approach.