Reasons why your Skin is Dry and How to Fix it

The skin happens to be the largest organ in the body and the biggest barricade against infection.  Hence, keeping skin healthy and clean should be one’s prime concern.

Skin can be easily irritated and inflamed by harsh chemicals in body care products. Weather and hot water, too, are common reasons why skin dehydrates and feels dry. However, if dryness persists it is best to visit a dermatologist.

Hence, it's critical to understand the reasons why your skin is dry and remedies to fix it.

We hope you can avoid the doctor’s visit with this cheat sheet of some of the most common causes with effective solutions:

Fragrance –Artificial fragrances are added to products to mask the bad smell emitting from chemically manufactured products. Added fragrance causes a sensitizing reaction on skin and can trigger an allergic reaction.

Skin fares better if you avoid all fragranced skincare options, natural or artificial. Satliva offers a range of refreshing products that are 100% artificial fragrance-free. These hemp-based products are moisture-binding, too. Visit to choose from a wide array of completely natural hemp-based skin products.

Exposure to sun – Skin is defenseless against strong sunlight. Over exposure to sun provokes oxidation of your skin cells and accelerates signs of aging.

Broad-spectrum protective solutions for protection from UV rays are recommended. Sun protection saves the skin from free radical assault and helps maintain its firmness and suppleness.  You can resort to Satliva’s Moringa oil for skin. This anti-aging natural product is well known for its replenishing properties.

Dry conditions - Very dry weather, sudden temperature changes and constant exposure to air conditioning can draw moisture from the skin and air, making the skin go dry and lifeless.

Humidifiers are appropriate in keeping conditions indoors moist. Keep at least one running indoor and limit the use of AC.

Dehydration – If you are not drinking enough water, your body’s water balance runs low. Your skin’s hydration is dependent on the body’s hydration and thus dehydration clearly reflects in dry, moisture-less skin.

Maintain regular water intake for a well hydrated skin. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday also improves the skin’s water retention capacity and ensures that it doesn’t go dry easily. 

Harsh cleansers – Your soap bar may be disturbing your skin’s natural pH balance, damaging the outer layer and causing rashes on your skin. Some soap also leaves behind a residue, making your skin dry and itchy, if it is extra sensitive.

Switch over to gentle Hemp with Moringa Soap Bar from Satliva. Made from hemp seed and tea tree essential oil among other nutritious ingredients, this is a completely hydrating and soothing natural alternative. Avoid harsh chemical ingredients in your soap, like alcohol and alpha hydroxyl acids that can cause irritation and inflammation. Read the ingredients carefully.

Exfoliators – Over exfoliation causes more damage than benefit. It can increase irritation associated with harsh scrubbing.

For best results to remove dead skin and clearing pores, just exfoliate once a week using gentle scrubs and rehydrate effectively.

Avoid hot showers – While hot showers are a welcome relief after a hard day, they can make your skin dry by stripping off natural oil.

Switch to lukewarm water and limit your shower time to 10 minutes to avoid unnecessary skin drying. Use a good moisturizer or body oil right after shower to replenish the lost moisture and improve elasticity.

In the end, we cannot emphasize enough about checking the ingredients and throwing back on the shelf chemical-laden and overhyped bathing accessories. Look out for words like menthol, denatured alcohol, parabens, and sulphates and say yes to all-natural. Get to know the most effective and safe compositions for your skin. Be natural.

Safe and mild Satliva products, promise superior natural ingredients that are absolutely skin-friendly. Our hemp-based products combine the curative properties of hemp and optimum power mix of amino and omega acids to enhance skin resistance to infection. Our products are made fresh on order to maintain their efficacy and freshness. Your skin remains healthy, glowing and moist.