Toxic Truth about Beauty Breakouts

Are you sure that the cosmetic and beauty product that you have been applying on your face is completely safe? Have you been switching products in search of that chemical-free beauty potion that loves you back?

We all, at some point in time have regretted believing in a certain beauty product and ended up with acne breakouts, clogged, patchy and dull skin with signs of ageing more prominent than ever.

Cosmetic industry is one of the most loosely regulated industries, allowing companies to make false promises and tall claims. Chemicals have become an essential ingredient in 90% of the products, that are harmful, not just on the surface level, but dangerous when absorbed by your body.

Let’s get real! Most of the cosmetic and beauty products today are filled with synthetic and harmful chemicals that are toxic, synthetic, skin irritants, hormone disruptors, and sometimes even carcinogenic.

If you have an acne prone skin, here are the 5 top chemicals that you should watch out for in a beauty product first-

Parabens – The most common additive found almost in all skin care products, shampoo, and deodorants, Parabens are used as a preservative. They have been studied and associated with hormonal imbalance, resulting in acne, increased risk of breast cancer, skin cancer and developmental and reproductive disorders. They are not always labelled, however look for suffix –paraben or better look for products that say “paraben free”.

Silicones – Used in cosmetics to render a silky smooth feel and serve as a moisture locking agent, they are the culprit behind increased breakout. If you have acne prone skin, avoid silicon based products that lock moisture along with debris, dead cells, sweat. This leads to congestion and skin clogging and can result in full blown acne.

Sodium lauryl sulfate – Think of it as a detergent that makes products foam, bubble and lather. It is usually found in shampoo, face/body wash and toothpaste. Also known as SLS, it has been found to be carcinogenic and contributor for cystic acne, skin irritation, and disruptor of skin’s natural oil balance.

Phthalates – Found commonly in nail products, hair sprays and deodorants, these nasty chemicals are not mostly listed. They have been linked to increased risk of cancer, developmental disorders and endocrine disruption. They are often added to fragrance, so not explicitly named. So our suggestion would be, use products that use natural essential oils for fragrance.

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) – Those tiny beads found in scrubs, face wash and body cleansers are made from PEG. They have been found to be skin irritant, oil balance disruptor and suggested by dermatologists to be never used on broken skin. They are probable human carcinogens and also environmentally unfriendly.

    Research, read the ingredients carefully and make an informed decision before you apply anything on your face or body next time. You do not want to use chemical laden, toxic products that are doing more bad than good.

    My recommendation is look for green products that are 100% chemical free, organic, paraben-free and non-toxic. One such product line that I really trust is SATLIVA.

    I have personally been using their Hemp with Moringa Body Oil and can vouch for its efficacy and safety. They are made fresh to order and use essential oils for aromatic and therapeutic effect that gives a spa like experience. Plus, they are made using top quality hemp seed oil, straight from the Himalayas.

    Don’t fret over hemp being associated with marijuana! Hemp seed oil, which is the core ingredient of Satliva products, is said to be nature's most balanced oil. It contains important amino acids, omega 6, omega 3, protein, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and numerous minerals; thus helping keep our skin and hair happy. Still wondering, read more about why you should use Hemp products here.

    Stay safe! Be Healthy!

    Written By Namrata Kothari, Upward Media for SATLIVA