What is Sulphate free Shampoo and Why You Should Use Them?

The nurture and protection of hair involve painstaking routine. And then one day you come to realize that the routine you have been religiously following had one product with ingredients that have been secretly damaging your hair. You feel betrayed and angry.

Well, to save you from that future and trouble, we recommend sulfate-free shampoos or shampoo bar from Satliva infused with hemp seed oil.

What Are Sulphates And What Do They Do?

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a detergent meant to keep hair oil-free. Various shampoos contain this notorious element. While oil-free hair sounds attractive – Sulphates are definitely sneaky chemicals that you should avoid.

Side Effects Of Sulfate Based Products

Strip Away Natural Oils - Sulfate bearing shampoos strip away your hair of natural oils, which are friendly collaborators in maintaining healthy and moisturized hair. Everyday use of sulphate shampoos can be harsh on your hair and make them dry. Dry scalp will have to work overtime to compensate for the oil loss and make the hair greasier and requiring frequent washes. This is a vicious cycle that damages hair over time.


Sulfates Reduce The Lifespan Of Chemically-processed Hair – Sulphates have the nasty reputation of bleaching away natural color pigment from your lustrous hair! Chemical procedures like hair straightening; perming also will have a limited lifespan because of all that sulfate slushing around.


Natural Fats Deplete - Studies reveal that sulfate carrying products like shampoo can even destroy naturally occurring fats by just trickling down your body. These fats do the all-important job of keeping skin hydrated.


Increase Inflammation on Sensitive Skin - Harsh sulfate can cause irritation and itchiness on sensitive skin.


Increase Frizz – Sulphate makes your hair and scalp dry, making them more prone to frizz and lending them the unruly, untamed look. Use sulfate-free shampoo that moisturizes and nourish your hair.



Benefits of Sulfate-free Shampoos

Retain hair color for a longer time – After shampooing their hair for just over two times, people with colored hair have been known to lose the color. Our evil doctor sulfate is at work here – removing pigmentation from hair. Sulfate-free shampoos tend to ward off damages by gently cleansing and working on the natural oil or dye that your hair contains. So, keep showing off your colorful sheen for a long time, with the aid of non-sulfate products.

Protection for the scalp – Research has revealed that sulfates used in products like shampoos can ultimately enter the liver setting off a hormonal disturbance in the body. Our skins are porous, making it easy for the process. In comparison, Sulfate – free shampoos are completely safe and non-damaging and rather rejuvenating.

Protection for skin – Research is ongoing as to the possibility of sulfates containing known carcinogenic or cancer-causing elements like diooxane, which may cause skin cancer. By using sulfate-free shampoos, you mitigate the risk and the skin remains protected and pampered.

Tame that frizz – Shampoos with sulfates stress your hair further, damaging them extensively. Besides drying out your hair, continued use of sulfate products might make hair prone to looking and feeling frizzy. This is certainly not advised if you want to hit the social circuit. Non-Sulfate products are softer on the hair.

Prevent breakage – Fine hair or hair often brittle and prone to breakage, is at great risk from the use of sulfate formulas. It’s more prudent to use a friendly, sulfate-free product. Maintaining a regimen that’s free of sulfates and other chemicals can go a long way in keeping alive that love affair with your hair.

What To Use Instead!

Sulfates have become an ugly word in salons all over the world. Well, known hairstylists suggest keeping away from them. because sulfates completely dry all life out of hair.

The use of sulfate-free shampoo like Argan shampoo bars from Satliva is a rather effective way to wash your hair. Satliva’s shampoo bars are loaded with hemp seed oil, rich in Omega fatty acids. These Omega-3 fatty acids in hempseed oil nourish the hair from the roots, helps re-growth, increases hair strength and thickness, improves elasticity and nourishes a dry scalp. Omega-6 fatty acid stimulates hair growth and controls water loss in hair which leads to dry, frizzy hair. Omega-9 fatty acid makes hair softer and manageable and improves immune function. They are a complete hair tonic that you have been looking for!