Did You Hear About “The Beard and Moochh Cream”?

Did You Hear About “The Beard and Moochh Cream”?

Moustaches famously known as moochh, and its companion beard require a lot of maintenance and grooming to fine tune the style to perfection. Moochh and beard come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and require sincere care. 

Believe it or not, according to a survey, if you carry a beard, you are 63 per cent more likely to win a staring contest against a man who is beardless. If you carry both moustache and beard, you are perceived as sincere, confident and more generous. 

If you want to look more matured and wise, you need to be backed by beards. Boys who are applying for colleges want others to take them more seriously are going for it. 

Top Things to Keep in Mind If You Want a Beard and Moustache

This is also true that the trend of wearing moochh and beard has had its own share of ups and down. But the fact remains that you always require a proper skin and hair care to along with it. 

Grow: Keep patience, while beards take time to grow to the desired length. The thumb rule remains, that you keep it trimmed and to apply some products to help it grow faster.

Trim: Periodic trimming is required to increase the growth of hair and also to keep it in shape. Trimming it regularly will prevent your beard from getting mis-shaped and patchy. Some people might think that letting your beard grow without trimming will help it grow quicker, but it’s not true, this will spoil the quality of hair.

Hair care: Use oils and creams onto your beard to make it look and feel supple and healthy. This will prevent skin from drying and going hay-wired. Whatever moisturizer or oil you apply on face doesn’t reach to the full length of your beard, so you must apply separately for that.

Wash: You must wash and comb moustache and beard hair regularly, just as you do for hair on head. 

Care with blades: Be careful with scissors and razor blades that you use to shape up. If you are not sure, it’s best to go to some good barber. 

Diet: For healthy hair growth and feel, you must take a balanced diet. On top of it, you should include vitamins B3, B5 and B9 for shining hair.

So, what is the Beard and Moochh Cream

The Beard and Moochh cream is the essential food for all kinds of beards and moustaches, be it long, short, new or old, your facial hair will appreciate the pampering.


Of course the product is for men, but it is equally loved by women through the men who use it. The Beard and Moochh Cream by Satliva is a powerful blend of nourishing ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil, Mango Butter, Argan Oil and Bees Wax which tame fly-aways and provide deep conditioning. Anti-inflammatory Geranium Oil and Tea Tree Oil that make it suitable for all skin and hair types.


This cream has an impeccable blend of natural and refreshing fragrance of Tea Tree oil and Geranium Essential oil. The sweet flowery fragrance of Geranium is one of the choicest fragrance, liked by both genders. Plus, it lasts through the day.


The cream conditions and moisturizes the hair, making them more flowing, manageable and soft. Anytime you feel, the facial hair is going frizzy, just apply a bit of this rich beard creme. It will help in removing the itchiness and the roughness of your mane. 

The creamy mix softens the beard and moustache, eliminates itching and prevent dry skin flakes. It also strengthens the hair follicles preventing split ends, cleans the beard and moustache and promotes healthier growth.


This creme can provide all the nutrients required by the beard. Best quality Argan Oil and Mango butter join hands with freshly extracted Indian Hemp Seed Oil, to nourish the skin, mustache and beard, stimulating an improvement in overall health of moochh and beard. 

Why is it so effective?

The unique blend of super oils makes it healthy for facial hair. Plus, it is fast absorbing, lightweight and non-greasy. After application, beard and moochh look stylish and classy. This formula promotes healthy growth of the Beard and Moochh, while deeply moisturising, conditioning and softening of the beard, the moochh and also the facial skin. 


You can’t build a house without the sticks, and the same applies to facial hair. If you wish to look trendy, if you wish to carry a style, a beard and a mooch, you can’t keep it unkempt and unclean. 

If you’re serious about your Moochh, use a product that is as serious about the results as you are!